Who is the IAS topper of 2014?

Who is the IAS topper of 2014?

Ira Singhal
2014 IAS Topper List

Rank Name Optional Subject
1 Ira Singhal Geography
2 Renu Raj Malayalam Literature
3 Nidhi Gupta Physics
4 Vandana Rao Sociology

What is UPSC exam full details?

Also simply referred to as the UPSC examination, it is conducted in three phases – a preliminary examination consisting of two objective-type papers (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II also popularly known as Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT), and a main examination consisting of nine papers of …

How many vacancies are there in UPSC 2014?

Civil Services Vacancies filled through UPSC CSE

Year Vacancies as per Prelims Notification Vacancies while the declaration of results (including reserve list)
2014 1291 1364
2015 1129 1164
2016 1079 1209
2017 980 Yet to be announced

Who got 1st rank in UPSC 2013?

Gaurav Agrawal
2013 IAS Topper List

Rank Name Service Opted
1 Gaurav Agrawal IAS
2 Munish Sharma IAS
3 Rachit Raj IAS
4 Akshay Tripathi IAS

What is the rank of Tanu Jain?

3 What is Dr. Tanu Jain IAS Rank? Ans. Tanu’s rank is UPSC CSE 2014.

Who is RIA Dabi?

Ria Dabi is the daughter of Mr. Jaswant Dabi and Mrs. Himani Dabi, and she is a topper of UPSC CSE 2020 exam, she got AIR 15, and she comes into the spotlight because she is a second IAS officer from her family. Her elder sister Tina Dabi is an AIR 1 topper of UPSC exam 2015.

How many IPS are selected every year?

How many IPS officers will be selected by UPSC every year? 150.

Why IAS posts are decreasing?

Reasons for not increasing the number of vacancies filled via direct recruitment through the UPSC CSE: The present capacity of the LBSNAA is only 180 officers in one batch. Taking in more numbers can impact the quality of officers. The government also does not want to affect the pyramidal structure of civil services.

Who is Gaurav Agarwal?

The IAS topper Gaurav Agarwal, a man from the Pink City of India is well known for cracking the most covetable exams in India. The life of Gaurav Agarwal is full of ups and downs. He had a very hard time getting a degree from IIT Kanpur as he failed many subjects.

Who is the topper of UPSC 2015?

UPSC 2015 topper Tina Dabi’s younger sister, Ria Dabi, has cleared the prestigious civil services examination with an all India rank of 15 in the final list of candidates declared on Friday. In an Instagram post, Tina Dabi said she is delighted at her younger sister’s success.

What are the basic steps for attending UPSC examination?

Previous year questions are the best guide/friend You know why many aspirants think joining a coaching is the first step for UPSC preparation?

  • How to use this question bank for best outcomes? First reading – Go through last five year questions of all topics.
  • Start reading standard sources
  • Which subject is the best for UPSC examination?

    Bachelor degrees in History, Economics, Polity, Sociology are considered the most appropriate subjects for UPSC because of their relevance to most of the syllabus.

    Which exams are conducted by UPSC?

    List of UPSC Exams Conducted Every Year : Civil Services Examination (CSE) Engineering Services Exam (IES) Indian Forest Services Exam (IFoS) Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service Examination (IES/ISS) Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam (SCRA) Combined Defence Services Exam (CDS)

    How to prepare for UPSC Preliminary exam?

    Know the exam well. Before preparing for any exam,it is important to know the nitty-gritty of the exam well enough.

  • Strengthen your foundation. No matter what your background is,you need to understand the basics of the core subjects of the UPSC syllabus.
  • Upgrade Your Knowledge with standard books.
  • Practice Answer Writing+Revision.