Who is the collector of Pudukkottai?

Who is the collector of Pudukkottai?


Name Designation
Tmt. Kavitha Ramu I.A.S District Collector

What is pudukkottai famous?

Sittannavasal: Tickets & Tours‎Kudumiyanmalai Temple: Tickets & Tours‎Avudaiyarkoil: Tickets & Tours‎Brahadambal Temple: Tickets & Tours‎Thirumayam Fort: Tickets & Tours‎Government Museum in Pudukkottai: Tickets & Tours‎Sathyamurthi Perumal Temple: Tickets & Tours‎

What is the another name of Pudukkottai?


Pudukkottai (Chola nadu)
Nickname(s): Pudugai
Pudukkottai (Chola nadu) Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates:10.38°N 78.82°ECoordinates:10.38°N 78.82°E
Country India

How many villages are there in Pudukkottai district?

Revenue Administration

Name Total
Revenue Divisions 3
Revenue Taluks 12
Revenue Firkas 45
Revenue Villages 763

Who is the collector of pudukkottai 2021?

List of Collectors

41 Tmt. Kavitha Ramu I.A.S. 17.06.2021
40 Tmt. P. Uma Maheswari I.A.S. 18.02.2019
39 Thiru. S. Ganesh I.A.S. 25.05.2016
38 Dr.S.Swarna I.A.S. 01.05.2016

Which caste is majority in Pudukkottai?

The village has around 400 Dalits while the majority of its 2,000 population comprise the land-owning Mukkulathor or Thevar caste (which includes the sub-castes of Kallar, Agamudayar and Maravar communities).

Which district is pudukkottai?

Pudukkottai District is one of the 38 districts of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The city of Pudukkottai is the district headquarters. It is also known colloquially as Pudhugai….Pudukkottai district.

Pudukkottai District புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்டம்
Pudukkottai 14 January 1974
Headquarters Pudukkottai

How many revenue division are there in Pudukkottai district?

two revenue divisions
Presently, the district of Pudukkottai is composed of two revenue divisions, called the Pudukkottai and Aranthangi and nine taluks, called the Kulathur, Illuppur, Gandarvakottai, Alangudi, Thirumayam, Aranthangi, Pudukkottai, Avudaiyrakoil and Manamelkudi.

How many taluks are there in Pudukkottai?

eleven taluks
At present, this district is composed of three revenue divisions, namely, Pudukkottai, Aranthangi and Illupur and eleven taluks, namely, Kulathur, Illuppur, Alangudi, Pudukkottai, Gandarvakottai, Thirumayam, Aranthangi, Ponnamaravathi, Karambakudi, Avudaiyarkoil and Manamelkudi.

Who is the collector of Tanjore?

District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Thiru. Dinesh Ponraj Oliver, I.A.S., District Collector +91-9444179000
Tmt.Ravali Priya Gandhapuneni,IPS. Superintendent of Police 04362-277110
Dr.N.O.Sukhaputra,I.A.S., Additional Collector (Revenue) +91-9445000923
H.S.Srikanth,I.A.S., Additional Collector (Development) +91-7373704214

What is the cultural heritage of Pudukkottai district?

Pudukkottai district as one of the princely states of Tamilnadu holds rich cultural heritage with Fortresses, Palaces, Temples, Cave Paintings and many other historical monuments. The district was one of the homes of pre-historic man. Many of the villages are of ancient foundation and also referenced often in Tamil Sangam Literature.

What is KVP in Pudukkottai post office?

The Pudukkottai Head Post Office which comes under Tamil Nadu Postal Code provides a range of financial services to customers like Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificates (NSC), Sukanya Sammridhi Scheme (SSS).

What is the PIN code for Pudukkottai?

The Pudukkottai H.O Pin code is 622001 and it comes under Pudukkottai Division which is located in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu State.