Who is the best female rapper 2012?

Who is the best female rapper 2012?


Year Artist
Nicki Minaj
Brianna Perry

Who was the most popular rapper in 2012?

Kendrick Lamar was the best rapper of 2012 because he truly is the best rapper of the year.

What female rapper has the most hits?

Congratulations to Nicki Minaj on being named the highest selling female artists of the century. Nicki Minaj extends her lead as the highest-selling female rapper of all time once again. With a discography driven by pure sales, the performer is now the first female rapper to sell 100 million units in the U.S alone.

What did Drake do in 2012?

Drake — whose 2010 debut “Thank Me Later” kept the rapper in the mix last year — wrapped up 2012 at No. 1 on the year-end R&B/Hip-Hop Artists recap, thanks to his 2011 sophomore studio album, “Take Care” (Young Money/Cash Money/Republic). 2 on the overall R&B/hip-hop artists recap.

Who was the hottest rapper in 2011?

Undoubtedly, Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) is the hottest rapper in the game. Since 2009, the young Canadian has been putting in work to establish his brand and his October’s Very Own (OVO) team.

Is Nicki Minaj the top female rapper?

Minaj is now just the second female rapper to claim more than a single No. 1 hit, and she stands alone in second place on the ranking of the women in hip-hop who have risen to the top of the Hot 100 most often, as no one else has scored exactly two.

Who are the top 10 female rappers in your opinion?

1 Lady of Rage 2 Lauryn Hill 3 Lil Kim 4 Lil Mama 5 Lil Debbie 6 Londynn B 7 Lumidee (female rapper) Lumidee – Never Leave You (Uh Oh) 8 Lil Tay 9 Little Simz 10 Left-Eye

Are Southern female rappers taking over the music industry?

As southern rap has taken over the music industry, southern female hip hop artists like Mia X, Trina, Ghetto Twinz, or Gangsta Boo should also be credited for being the first of their kind. For a period of time there was hardly no women representation within rap music. The arrival of Nicki Minaj changed that.

What are some of the best female rappers in Finland?

K K-Swift Kana (Finnish musician) Kat Dahlia (female rapper) Kat Dahlia – Gangsta Keko Kesha Khia Kid Sister Kitty (female rapper) Kitty Kat Killa Kim (female rapper) Kreayshawn Kytami

Which female rapper has the most potential to become an international superstar?

The female rapper with the most potential to become an international superstar would probably be Australian rapper Iggy Azalea . Coming to America when she was merely 16-years-old, Iggy Azalea had hip-hop and a rap career on her mind.