Who is Suruli Rajan?

Who is Suruli Rajan?

Suruli Rajan. Suruli Rajan was a Tamil film comedian/character artiste. He was a recipient of Tamil Nadu State Government’s Best Comedian Award for the year 1981–82.

How many movies did sursuruli Rajan act in?

Suruli Rajan was a popular comedian of Tamil cinema during 1960’s to early 1980’s. He died on 5th December 1980 at the peak of his career when he was only 42. Same year he created a record of acting more than 50 movies in a single year.

Why is Suruli’s Maanthoppu Kiliye so popular?

Suruli’s brilliant portrayal of a niggardly rustic in M.A.Khaja’s Maanthoppu Kiliye (1979) fetched him rare plaudits and has earned a place of pride in the annals of the immortal comedy sequences of Tamil cinema. ‘It never rains, but pours’ they say, and Suruli’s capers had become a mandatory inclusion in most movies of the time.