Who is Seth to Bobby McQueen?

Who is Seth to Bobby McQueen?

Seth Costello, played by actor Miles Higson, returned nine years after leaving the village following a tragic series of events. He’s now back, and confirmed to be one of the blackmailers targeting the McQueens – alongside his evil grandfather Silas Blissett.

Who is Bobby McQueen’s dad?

Riley Costello
Bobby Costello/Father

Who is the Costello family in Hollyoaks?

Family Members Jem Costello, daughter of Carl †. Riley Costello †, son of Carl † and Heidi †. Bobby Costello, son of Riley † and Mercedes McQueen. Phoenix Costello, son of Riley † and Mitzeee Minniver.

When was Seth Costello in Hollyoaks?

Seth formerly appeared in Hollyoaks between 2010 and 2011. He made his first appearance in the episode broadcast on July 20, 2010, when he arrived with his mum Heidi, father Carl, brother Riley and sister Jasmine.

Who is Seth Costello dad?

Carl Costello
Warren Fox
Seth Costello/Father

He also became involved in the storyline where his father Carl Costello (Paul Opacic) began an affair with Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe). 2020 saw the return of Seth, when he blackmailed the McQueen family with grandfather Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle).

Is Silas Carl Costello dad?

Silas was credited as “Mystery Man” in his first episode to keep his identity hidden. He is revealed to be Heidi Costello’s (Kim Tiddy) father and the grandfather of Riley Costello (Rob Norbury), Seth Costello (Miles Higson) and Jason Costello (Victoria Atkin).

Is Silas Bobby’s grandad?

In January 2021, when his family is being blackmailed, Bobby is taken from the airport by his serial killer grandfather, Silas Blissett, Who is out to get Mercedes. Bobby then asks Mercedes why she never told him about his great-granddad, to which Mercedes answers it was to protect him.

How is Silas related to Bobby?

Silas explains that he wants to meet his great-grandson, Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox), who he believes is trapped by the McQueens.

How is Seth related to Bobby Hollyoaks?

He is the son of Heidi and Carl Costello, the twin brother of Jasmine, later known as Jason, and the younger brother of Riley Costello, the half-brother of Jem Costello, the uncle of Bobby Costello, and the grandson of psychopathic serial killer, Silas Blissett.

How is Silas related to Bobby McQueen?

Bobby develops a strong father-son relationship with Sylver McQueen after he starts dating Mercedes, with Sylver and Mercedes marrying in 2019. In January 2021, when his family is being blackmailed, Bobby is taken from the airport by his serial killer grandfather, Silas Blissett, Who is out to get Mercedes.

How are Bobby and Silas related in Hollyoaks?

What did Silas send Bobby?

Meanwhile, Silas called Bobby and told him that they won’t be able to see each other anytime soon, but he sent him an app — which was a virtual game of chess — which seemingly allows them to keep in touch.

What happened to Seth in Hollyoaks and will he return?

In December 2011, it was announced that Higson had finished filming with Hollyoaks and that Seth’s final scenes will air at the end of that year. On 17 December 2020, it was confirmed that Higson had reprised the role as Seth, after he was seen in E4’s first look episode.

Who is Seth Costello on ‘the bachelorette’?

Newcomer Miles Higson was cast in the role of Seth Costello, the youngest son of ex-model Heidi ( Kim Tiddy) and former footballer Carl Costello ( Paul Opacic ), the brother of Riley (Rob Norbury) and the twin brother of Jasmine ( Victoria Atkin ).

What is the error code for Seth Costello?

(Error Code: 224003) Do you like this video? Seth Costello is a fictional character from British soap opera, Hollyoaks.

Who is Heidi Costello’s husband Carl Costello?

Do you like this video? Carl Costello is the husband of Heidi Costello and the father of Riley, Jem, Jason and Seth Costello. Carl arrived in July 2010 and departured the series in December 2011, however.