Who is Lucrezia Borgia?

Who is Lucrezia Borgia?

She is a sister to Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, and Joffre Borgia, and, later on, the mother of Giovanni Borgia. Lucrezia is a beautiful, intelligent young lady, with a sharp mind and charming personality. She possesses many skills, such as violin-playing and dancing, and comes to the aid of her family on a number of occasions.

Was Giovanni Borgia the son of Pope Alexander VI?

In 1501, two papal bulls were issued concerning the child, Giovanni Borgia. In the first, he was recognized as Cesare’s child from an affair before his marriage. The second, contradictory, bull recognized him as the son of Pope Alexander VI. Lucrezia’s name is not mentioned in either, and rumours that she was his mother have never been proven.

What happened to Lucrezia after Alexander’s death?

Giovanni went to stay with Lucrezia in Ferrara after Alexander’s death, where he was accepted as her half-brother. Following her annulment from Sforza, Lucrezia was married to the Neapolitan Alfonso of Aragon, the half-brother of Sancha of Aragon who was the wife of Lucrezia’s brother Gioffre Borgia. The marriage was a short one.

What happened to Lucrezia’s brother Cesare in the Crown?

In episode 3, ” Siblings ” Lucrezia is abandoned by her second husband, Alfonso of Aragon, during their wedding night. While deciding not to repress the immense love she feels for her brother, she joins Cesare in his room, where they make love.