Who is Louis Lambert?

Who is Louis Lambert?

Born in Lille, France, Louis Lambert painted constantly throughout his early years without ever feeling the urge to move his work into the streets, feeling that without a truly distinctive approach, his movement into that arena would be be frivolous.

What makes Paul Lambert’s art unique?

Working on a plethora of surfaces (from billposters to self-laid concrete), and utilising a myriad of techniques (from ceramics to mosaics), Lambert’s production purposefully blurs the boundary between art and craft, challenging prevailing conceptions of ‘correct’ practice in both the fine and public-art worlds.

What is Lambert’s approach to design?

Whether employing the basest of materials (the concrete which is becoming a recurring theme in his work for example), or the humblest of themes (the popular or everyday, the traditional or folkloric), Lambert always attempts to reposition them, to adjust the framework within which they sit.