Who is Korrina in Pokemon X and Y?

Who is Korrina in Pokemon X and Y?

Korrina appears in Pokémon X and Y as a Gym Leader from Shalour City. Trainers who defeat Korrina will receive the Rumble Badge, along with TM98 ( Power-Up Punch ). According to the television show Gym Freaks and an NPC at Café Action!, she is a PR Video star.

How do you get the Mega Ring from Korrina?

After the player character had obtained their badge from Korrina, she said to meet her again at the top of the Tower of Mastery. There she gave one of her two Lucario to the player character. Moreover, she gave the player the Mega Ring, and invited the player character to a 1-on-1 battle.

Where can I find Korrina?

She can be fought at the Battle Chateau if a Writ of Invitation is sent out. Korrina is tall and slender with very long creamy blonde hair tied in a big, thick, high fluffy ponytail that emerges from the back of her helmet.

How do you get Korrina in the Tower of mastery?

After arriving in Shalour City, Korrina can be found in the Tower of Mastery with her grandfather Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru. Once the player wins the battle for the Mega Ring against their rival, Korrina will go to her Gym for a battle.

What is Korrina Machoke’s moveset?

Machoke was used as Korrina’s second Pokémon during her Gym battle with Ash. It battled Ash’s Fletchinder and although it was very speedy and had powerful attacks, it was defeated with a Flame Charge. Machoke’s known moves are Brick Break, Low Sweep, and Focus Blast.

Can Korrina Mega Evolve Lucario?

With the proper Mega Stone finally in her hands, Korrina started her Lucario’s very first Mega Evolution. In The Aura Storm!, after Lucario’s first Mega Evolution, Korrina agreed to have a battle with Ash and Pikachu to test her Mega Evolved Pokémon’s powers.