Who is Jen in The Dark Knight?

Who is Jen in The Dark Knight?

Juno Temple
Jen was portrayed by Juno Temple. Though her name is Jen, she plays a very similar role to the comic book character Holly Robinson, the friend and sidekick to Selina Kyle.

Who is Selena’s friend in The Dark Knight Rises?

Jen is a friend of Selina Kyle….

Appeared in The Dark Knight Rises
Status Alive
Actor Juno Temple

Who is Catwoman’s sidekick?

Holly Robinson is a frequent ally and sidekick of Catwoman. She was trained by Wildcat and her friend Selina Kyle, and temporarily became the new Catwoman following the birth of Selina’s daughter.

Who is the girl at the end of Dark Knight Rises?

The Bat and the Cat in The Dark Knight Rises No longer taking up the mantle of the Bat, a tired Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is robbed by an astonishingly lithe housekeeper (Anne Hathaway) with a suspiciously Eartha Kitt-like cadence to her voice.

Where was Catwoman in The Dark Knight?

The bomb explodes out over the bay and both Batman and Bruce Wayne are thought to be dead. However, it turns out that Selina and Bruce are living together in Italy, where Alfred sees them together at a table at a cafe in Florence.

Does Selina Kyle know who Batman is in Dark Knight Rises?

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle previously had a long relationship strictly with their civilian identities. Selina Kyle was a known former criminal, but she had no knowledge of Bruce being Batman. She attacked Batman. This is the first time she displayed knowledge of Bruce’s identity.

Does Batman marry Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises?

They aren’t in the middle of a relationship but were in the midst of building it, even at the end of the movie. There was no guarantee they married. It’s more Bruce Wayne living the life of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman can also be part of it.

What ethnicity is Selina Kyle?

In Batman: Year One (Earth 31), Selina Kyle is African-American, but not in the rest of the Earth 31 adventures. What gives? She was in Year One, and was EXPLICITLY stated so in Frank Miller’s script for the Year One film script.