Who is Hachette Livre?

Who is Hachette Livre?

In France, where the Group originated, Hachette Livre covers all editorial genres and the entire consumer and education book markets with some forty publishing houses. The fruit of patient, diligent work that began in 1826, today’s group of subsidiaries and imprints is the French market leader and published some 6,800 new titles in 2018.

What is Lele Livre de Poche?

Le Livre de Poche (literally “The Pocket Book”) is the name of a collection of publications which first appeared on 9 February 1953 under the leadership of Henri Filipacchi and published by the Librairie générale française, a subsidiary of Hachette.

Are graphic novels included in Hachette Livre’s book list?

Since 2008, when Éditions Albert-René, publisher of the famous Asterix series, joined Hachette Livre, graphic novels have also been among the genres covered.

Why was Le Livre de Poche so successful?

But the successful reception of Le Livre de Poche was due to the combination of the new idea of consumerism with the era and the popular demand for a cheap book, presented in covers recalling cinema posters, but containing quality writing.