Who is H in line of duty spoilers?

Who is H in line of duty spoilers?

Nigel Boyle, who has been part of the cast since the first series in 2012, said he was ‘buzzing with excitement’ on finding out his role in the BBC drama. During Sunday night’s finale of season six, DSU Ian Buckells was unmasked as corrupt police officer H.

Who was the mysterious H in line of duty?

During Sunday night’s episode of the BBC One series, DSU Ian Buckells, played by Nigel Boyle, was unmasked as the mysterious H, the corrupt police officer at the top of a criminal conspiracy. The series creator, 55, revealed he included a hint that Buckells was not what he seemed back in 2012.

Is H revealed in line of duty?

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST EPISODE OF LINE OF DUTY, SEASON SIX, EPISODE SEVEN, AS WELL AS PREVIOUS SEASONS. The actor unveiled as Line Of Duty’s mysterious “H” has revealed the show’s creator told him of his character’s true identity over a clandestine phone call.

Is H really Buckells?

Buckells could still be “H”, this scene just ties in to the idea that he was never a criminal mastermind, as AC-12 believed “the fourth man” to be, but instead an individual who did small favours for several organised crime groups.

Is Ted Hastings H?

Hastings put himself in the mix when impersonating communications via computer from ‘H’ to the OCG, and misspelled the word “definately”. The typo was raised by DCI Patricia Carmichael – but Hastings glanced over it, saying he had studied the typing style of ‘H’ “quite closely”.

Was Hargreaves corrupt?

Line of Duty’s Lester Hargreaves (played by Tony Pitts) was named as one of the corrupt police officers working with the organised crime group in season five.

Who is the fourth H?

The Fourth Man was Ian Buckells The Fourth Man and ‘H’ has been built up for such a long while, it had gained almost mythical proportions.

Is Kate Fleming dead?

Deceased (1965–2006)
Kate Fleming/Living or Deceased

Does Kate Fleming have a son?

Josh Fleming is the son of Mark and Kate Fleming.

Who was 4th man in line of duty?

Ian Buckells
The Fourth Man was Ian Buckells But the reality of corruption is that it’s not always committed by smarter, sharper or more cunning people. It’s often just the people who are greedy enough to try it. Buckells has failed upwards over six seasons of Line of Duty and his incompetence masked his crimes.