Who is Boogie2988 wife?

Who is Boogie2988 wife?

Desiree Williamsm. 2013–2018

What happened to Boogie2988?

YouTuber Steven Williams, otherwise known as Boogie2988, has been issued an arrest warrant over a confrontation with a rival YouTuber last year. Williams allegedly fired a gun into the air as a “warning shot” when Frank Hassle arrived at the door of his Arkansas home in September.

Who is Boogie2988 sister?

Karla Williams

What did Boogie2988 get charged with?

aggravated assault
Steven J. Williams, 46, known to more than 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 548,000 subscribers on Twitter as “Boogie2988,” was charged with aggravated assault, according to an arrest warrant issued May 7, and was later released on $5,000 bond, records show.

What happened Frank hassle?

Frank Hassle was banned from YouTube as his content regularly infringed on “harassing” random people in public. The two YouTubers had been in an interview with Keemstar as well. I will be making a Twitter video on this subject in about 15 minutes!

How tall is Boogie2988?

5′ 9″

Can Boogie2988 drive?

According to a Youtube video he dropped last month, Boogie2988 now owns and drives a 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE.

Why did Frank hassle go to Boogie’s house?

Frank had been banned from YouTube for posting content that was considered harassing in nature. However, the YouTuber blamed Boogie2988 for his ban, after which Boogie2988 claimed that Frank had begun stalking him. Frank Hassle ended up going to his house, which led to Boogie2988 allegedly firing a warning shot.

Does Boogie2988 have brother?

Bryan Williams

What mental illness does Boogie2988?

To date, Boogie2988 suffers from occasional bouts of severe depression and anxiety, and needs to shed a significant number of pounds before he’ll be allowed to participate in weight-loss surgery. “I’ve lost 16 pounds since the beginning of the year, which I’m feeling pretty good about,” he says.

Who showed up to Boogies house?

Boogie, who makes videos about video games, tech, and weight loss, says he fired a “warning shot” at another video creator Frank Hassle who showed up at his home uninvited, and who threatened him.

What is hassle doctrine?

This fear of black male autonomy appears to be turning the self-defense Castle Doctrine into the Hassle Doctrine where: black male youth autonomy (strike one), loud hip-hop music or trips to the store (strike two) and firm verbal retorts to white-male directives (strike three) may lawfully amount to fear of “imminent …