Who is better Ronaldo or Messi or Neymar?

Who is better Ronaldo or Messi or Neymar?

Neymar is better than both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo according to former Brazil right-back Cafu. The general consensus is that while Neymar is one of the best in the world, he’s not quite been able to get on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo, who have 11 Ballon d’Ors between them.

Who is the better player Ronaldo or Neymar?

Brazil great Pele claimed Barcelona star Neymar is technically superior to Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. In 16 appearances this term, Neymar has scored five goals, while tallying six assists – a team high for Barca in the league.

Who has more goals Messi or Neymar?

Whereas Neymar has played 289 national football matches and got 175 goals and has played for about 23.175 minutes….National Tournaments.

Lionel Messi Statistics Neymar
505 Appearance 289
459 Goals 175
201 Assists 108
49 Yellow Cards 68

Who’s a better dribbler Messi or Neymar?

While Neymar won so far a higher number of contests per 90 domestic league minutes, Hazard achieved a greater percentage of dribbles attempted: 75% compared to 62%. Messi’s success rate is also 62%.

What is the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s defensive skills?

Lets have a look at Cristiano Ronaldo ’s and Lionel Messi ’s defensive skills. Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of 0 blocks, 0 ariel duels and a total number of 0 tackles. Lionel Messi has a total of 0 blocks, 0 ariel duels and a total number of 1 tackles.

What is the pass completion rate of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo has a pass completion rate of 81.01 % and a rate of 50 % for passes into the box. Lionel Messi has a pass completion rate of 83.6 % and a rate of 62.5 % for passes into the box. Expected goals, expected goal build up and expected goal chain value are only visible to our logged in users.

Do you prefer Messi or Ronaldo from Manchester United?

In terms of flair I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, but in terms of overall quality of a player I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Messi is simply genius. He isnt the one who will do tricks. He will simply dribble 4–5 players like they are not there.

What is Messi’s expected goal percentage?

Expected goals can only be provided to logged in users. Lionel Messi has the following offensive skills. He has 0 goals and a total of 0 shots on goals. This results in a goal conversion rate of 0 %. He had a total of 0 big chances. Who has more assists in 2021/2022? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?