Who is anti szyling?

Who is anti szyling?

Antoni Szylling (31 August 1884 – 17 June 1971) was a Polish general, considered, along with Generals Wiktor Thommée and Stanisław Maczek, to have been one of the most successful Polish Army commanders during the Invasion of Poland of 1939. Antoni Szyling was born in Płoniawy-Bramura.

Who was antantoni szyling?

Antoni Szyling was born in Płoniawy-Bramura. He finished a 7-year trade school in 1904 and from an early age was an active member of the Polish pro-independence nationalist paramilitary organization the Combat Organization of the Polish Socialist Party.

What happened to General Szylling after the war?

Hence General Szylling became a German prisoner for the second time. He spent most of the war in the Oflag VII-A Murnau POW camp. On 30 April 1945 he was freed by advancing American forces; he decided not to return to Polish Communist -controlled Poland, but emigrated to France and later to the United Kingdom and, finally, to Canada (in 1947).

What was General Szylling’s strategy in the Battle of Bruges?

A careful tactician, General Szylling followed the strategy of ‘retreat to fight another day’ instead of engaging the superior enemy.