Who invented FotMob?

Who invented FotMob?

FotMob is the application developed by Norwegian company NorApps.

Which app is best for football scores?

Top 5 Football Livescore Apps for Android in 2021

  • The FlashScore – iOS / Android. The FlashScore Livescore app is a great choice for everyone who likes football.
  • Forza Soccer – iOS / Android. Forza Soccer features more than 400 leagues.
  • FotMob – iOS / Android.
  • Goal Live Scores – iOS / Android.
  • SofaScore – iOS / Android.

Where is FotMob?

Bergen, Norway
FotMob is built by a nimble, independent team in the fjords of Bergen, Norway. We created FotMob 15 years ago as a way to follow our local club from anywhere. That mission still drives us today, as FotMob has grown into a platform that helps over six million people follow their team each week.

Did FotMob remove media?

Unfortunately, the Media tab had to go for reasons beyond our control. Try the Buzz tab, that links through to Twitter talk around the specific game so you’ll likely find what you’re looking for there. And we post official highlights as soon as we have them.

How does FotMob make money?

With a few simple steps, FotMob created native ad placements via Audience Network and saw tremendous success. By integrating relevant ads directly in-feed, they generated higher revenue with fewer impressions. In fact, they saw more than 2x the CPMs of standard banners.

Does FotMob cost money?

“All in all, as there’s no initial cost, we can’t recommend FotMob enough to all our football crazy friends. If you’re a fan of the sport, or even just mildly interested, you owe it to yourself to give FotMob a test-drive.” 5/5.

What is FotMob?

FotMob gives you all the live scores, stats, and storylines to keep you up to speed with the world of soccer. Personalized news and notifications make it easy to follow your favorite teams and players. And lightning-quick match updates make sure you never miss a goal, no matter where you are.