Who has the most hat tricks in the NHL for one season?

Who has the most hat tricks in the NHL for one season?

Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky holds the record for most hat tricks with 10 in one season and most in a career with 50.

Who has most hat tricks in hockey?

Wayne Gretzky has gotten the most career hat tricks, with 50 hat tricks.

Has there ever been 2 hat tricks in one game?

When Mika Zibanejad scored a hat trick and Pavel Buchnevich had two goals against the Philadelphia Flyers last week, the question was whether the Rangers ever had two players get a hat trick in the same game. It happened on this date in 1978.

How many NHL defensemen have hat tricks?

Over those last 5 seasons, only two were defensemen: Jared Spurgeon and Justin Faulk. In fact, if you go all the way back to 1917 (the NHL’s inaugural season), only 12 defensemen ever managed to score a natural hat trick. Al MacInnis (Calgary Flames) managed the feat twice!

What is the fastest hat trick in NHL history?

21 seconds
The only player in NHL history to score a faster hat trick on the road was Bill Mosienko, who scored three times in 21 seconds for the Chicago Black Hawks at the New York Rangers on March 23, 1952. Mosienko holds the record for fastest NHL hat trick in any game.

How many hat tricks has Ovechkin had?

NHL Leaders

Player Career Start HAT
Alex Ovechkin 2005-06 28
Eric Staal 2003-04 14
Ilya Kovalchuk 2001-02 13
Evgeni Malkin 2006-07 12

What is 6 goals in hockey called?

6 goals is a double hat-trick, 7 goals is a haul-trick. In addition to this is a special term known as the perfect hat-trick in which 3 goals are scored one goal scored with the player’s right foot, one with the left foot, and one with a header.

How many career hat tricks Does Sidney Crosby have?

11 hat tricks
Sidney Crosby has gotten 11 hat tricks in his career.

Best of the Books: Fastest hat trick in NHL history. On March 23, 1952, Bill Mosienko of the Chicago Black Hawks scored three goals in 21 seconds against the New York Rangers, setting the record which has stood ever since.

Who scored the fastest hat trick in the NHL?

Fastest NHL hat-trick. Share. The fastest hat-trick scored by an individual ice hockey player in a National Hockey League game is 21 seconds by Bill Mosienko (Canada) playing for the Chicago Blackhawks against the New York Rangers on 23 March 1952.

Who holds NHL record for most hatricks in a season?

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest to ever play the game so it’s no surprise that he had the most hat tricks in a season, twice finishing with 10. (Photo by B Bennett/Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

Who holds the record for most hat tricks?

Wayne Gretzky holds nearly every NHL scoring record, including the records for most hat tricks. He scored three or more goals in a game 50 times over the course of his career. He holds the record for most hat tricks in a season, as he scored at least three goals 10 times in the 1981-82 and 1983-84 seasons.