Who has collaborated with Lady Gaga?

Who has collaborated with Lady Gaga?

Take a look at some of Lady Gaga’s biggest collabs:

  • ‘Just Dance’ with Colby O’Donis.
  • ‘Starstruck’ with Flo Rida.
  • ‘Telephone’ with Beyoncé
  • ‘LoveGame’ with Marilyn Manson.
  • ‘Do What U Want’ with Christina Aguilera.
  • ‘I Can’t Give You Anything but Love’ with Tony Bennett.
  • ‘Hey Girl’ with Florence Welch.

What songs has Lady Gaga been featured on?

Top 10 Lady Gaga Collaborations

  • ‘LoveGame (Chew Fu Remix)’ Lady Gaga Feat.
  • ‘Chillin’ Wale Feat.
  • ‘3-Way (The Golden Rule)’ The Lonely Island Feat.
  • ‘Make Her Say’ Kid Cudi Feat.
  • ‘Big Girl Now’ New Kids on the Block Feat.
  • ‘Video Phone’ Beyonce Feat.
  • ‘Starstruck’ Lady Gaga Feat.
  • ‘The Lady Is a Tramp’

How many #1s does Lady Gaga have?

When Joanne reached number one in the US, Gaga became the first woman to have four number-one albums in the nation during the 2010s. She extended the record in 2018 with the release of the soundtrack to A Star Is Born….

Lady Gaga discography
Video albums 2
EPs 5
Singles 37
Soundtrack albums 1

Are Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey friends?

Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga are friends. We know that because Gaga has said Lana provided vocals for “Princess Die,” a song she debuted ahead of new album ARTPOP, and they’ve previously joined forces for a perfectly playful photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

Did Lady Gaga sing with Frank Sinatra?

Lady Gaga surprised the small crowd at the Black Rabbit Rose venue in Hollywood, California Thursday with a performance of Frank Sinatra songs. The singer opened her jazzy set by crooning Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible” before segueing into the classic “Fly Me To The Moon,” Entertainment Tonight reports.

What was Lady Gaga’s third song?

Gaga’s third album Artpop, released in 2013, included the singles “Applause” and “Do What U Want”….Songs.

Indicates song containing non-English lyrics
# Indicates songs with background vocals by Lady Gaga
Indicates songs covered by Lady Gaga
Indicates song written solely by Lady Gaga

What was Lady Gaga’s first UK number one?

Shallow, a duet with Bradley Cooper, has also become Gaga’s first UK number one single in eight years, and fifth overall. Her last number one, Telephone featuring Beyonce, topped the charts in 2010. She also charted in the top spot with Just Dance, Poker Face and Bad Romance, all of which occurred within a year.

Who is Lana Del Rey married to?

Lana Del Rey, photographed in September 2019, is engaged to Clayton Johnson.