Who founded Taylorsville?

Who founded Taylorsville?

Taylorsville was founded in 1799 on the land of Richard Taylor, father of US President Zachary Taylor. Roughly 60 acres (240,000 m2) of land was taken by the Shelby County Court on Taylor’s motion, and soon the town was named after Taylor himself.

Who founded Edinburgh Indiana?

John Campbell
Edinburgh, Indiana was the first settlement in Johnson County and is situated in the far southeast corner of the county. Edinburgh’s first settler was John Campbell who came into the area in 1820. The original plat of Edinburgh in 1822contained 32 lots and was owned by Alexander Thompson and Lewis Bishop.

How big is Taylorsville Indiana?

640 acres

What county is Taylorsville?

Bartholomew County

Taylorsville is a census-designated place (CDP) in German Township, Bartholomew County, in the U.S. state of Indiana. The population was 919 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Columbus, Indiana metropolitan statistical area.

How big is Taylorsville?

582 acres

How did Taylorsville NC get its name?

The town was named Taylorsville in honor of General Zachary Taylor who at that time was in Mexico engaged in a war. The land for the town was donated by J.M. Bogle who gave 22 acres, William Matheson who gave 13 acres and James James who gave 11 3/4 acres for a total of 46 3/4 acres.

What district is Shelbyville in?

Shelbyville is a city in Addison Township, Shelby County, in the U.S. state of Indiana and is the county seat. The population was 19,191 as of the 2010 census….

Shelbyville, Indiana
• Land 12.45 sq mi (32.23 km2)
• Water 0.27 sq mi (0.69 km2) 2.36%
Elevation 764 ft (233 m)
Population (2010)

Is Edinburgh part of England?


Edinburgh Dùn Èideann
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Country Scotland
Council area City of Edinburgh
Lieutenancy area Edinburgh

How did Taylorsville KY get its name?

The town of Taylorsville was established in 1799 and later was incorporated on January 22, 1829. The town acquired its name from Richard Taylor who gave 60 acres of land towards the towns creation. The town was later named the county seat for Spencer County.

What is Taylorsville Indiana zip code?

Taylorsville/Zip codes

Is Taylorsville Lake open?

Open all year. There are excellent birding opportunities throughout the park, but of special note is in the mature forests around the campgrounds, park trails, the Wildlife Viewing Trail, and the entire lake area boasts an abundant population of species.

What is Taylorsville NC close to?

Hickory, NC. Newton, NC. Statesville, NC.