Who does Russell Bevan make wine for?

Who does Russell Bevan make wine for?

One of Napa Valley’s most skillful winemakers, Russell cites Philip Togni and Greg LaFollette as mentors. He is also winemaker for Chateau Boswell.

Who owns Bevan Cellars?

Purchased by Jean Phillips in 2011 this 114 acre site was originally developed by Si and June Foote, the founders of the Napa Valley Land Trust.

Where is Bevan Cellars located?

Napa Valley
Bevan Cellars is a producer of Napa Valley and Sonoma wines based in Bennett Valley. It sources fruit from vineyards across the two major wine regions to produce small-lot wines made primarily of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

What is Russell Bevan doing now?

Russell Bevan, one of Napa Valley’s most esteemed 100-point winemakers, is a man whose approach to winemaking has remained constant since his first Bevan Cellars vintage in 2005. Russell and his wife Heidi are now launching a brand new winemaking project: Adversity Cellars.

Who owns Elyse Winery?

After thirty years of stewardship, Ray and Nancy decided that it was time to retire. What began as a casual conversation over dinner evolved into the next chapter for Elyse Winery. In October 2018, Ray and Nancy Coursen sold Elyse Winery to fellow Yountville locals, Josh Peeples, and his partner, Cheryl.

Can you visit Joel Gott Winery?

Not open to the public.

What does the name Bevan mean?

son of Evan
Bevan is a name of Welsh origin, derived from ab Ifan meaning “son of Evan” (Ifan being a variant of Ieuan, the Welsh equivalent of John).

What wines does Thomas Rivers Brown make?

He is a winemaker, focusing on high end Cabernet, for over a dozen wine brands including Schrader, Maybach, Revana, and Outpost. His wines have produced multiple perfect 100 point scores, notably “Old Sparky” by Schrader Cellars.

Is Joel Gott a good wine?

The wine had a velvety mouthfeel with notable tannins all over the mouth. Definitely a dry wine. The wine’s finish was very long and lingering. Overall I found Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon to be an enjoyable Cab that would be a nice sipper on its own or paired with a hearty steak.

Who owns Joel Gott?

Gott is also part of the Three Thieves wine brand with Charles Bieler and Roger Scommegna. Conceived through a shared desire to make “uncommon wine to be shared by all,” the label is known for its innovative packaging, including the 1-liter screw-cap jug in which they bottled their first release.

Is Bevan an Irish name?

BÉBHINN, genitive -binne, Bevin, (Vivian); an ancient Irish name, meaning ‘melodious lady’; borne by, among others, the mother and a daughter of Brian Boru.