Who directed the schism video?

Who directed the schism video?

Adam Jones

Vicarious (2007) Tool Directors: Adam Jones, Alex Grey
Parabola (2002) Tool Director: Adam Jones
Schism (2001) Tool Director: Adam Jones
Aenema (1997) Tool Director: Adam Jones
Stinkfist (1996) Tool Director: Adam Jones

Why did Paul leave Tool?

D’Amour was born in Spokane, Washington. D’Amour left Tool in 1995. According to drummer Danny Carey, D’Amour left the band because he wanted to play guitar rather than bass.

How old is Adam Jones?

56 years (January 15, 1965)
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Who directed Tool videos?

Whether or not Tool is your musical cup of tea, the videos directed by Adam Jones stand alone as not just accompaniments to a song, but as legitimate visual masterworks even if stripped of their music.

Who produces Tool videos?

Guitarist Adam Jones
Guitarist Adam Jones, who has directed the brunt of Tool’s videos, did the character design for this one. “I built that creature and the “meat tunnel” and the band edited the video and did all the production” he told Guitar School magazine. “All the art for Tool is done by me and the band.

Who animated the Tool videos?

Master Adam Jones
Adam Jones is no stranger to the art of music-video making. The guitarist and creative cog of Tool has been transforming the prog-metal band’s songs into dark animated clips since 1993’s “Sober.” For Tool’s latest video, “Parabola,”Jones made a technical leap.

What happened to Tool bassist?

In September 1995, the band started writing and recording their second studio album. At that time Tool experienced its only lineup change to date, with bassist D’Amour leaving the band amicably to pursue other projects. According to Carey, D’Amour left the band because he wanted to play guitar rather than bass.

Who was the first bassist for Tool?

Maynard James Keenan
Danny CareyAdam JonesJustin ChancellorPaul D’Amour

What is Adam Jones salary?

16 million USD (2016)
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Where is Adam Jones tool from?

Park Ridge, IL
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Who does the animation for Tool videos?