Who did Massive Attack sample?

Who did Massive Attack sample?

It’s the second in a series started by Rapster Records compiling the original tracks that a well-known group has sampled, in this case Massive Attack. The first volume, released a year ago, was Discovered: A Collection of Daft Funk Samples, which showcased raw material for all those hot hits by Daft Punk.

Who sampled massive attack lately?

Massive Attack’s ‘Lately’ sample of Lowrell’s ‘Mellow Mellow Right On’ | WhoSampled.

What movie was Angel by Massive Attack in?


When was Massive Attack Angel released?


What film is unfinished sympathy in?

Unfinished Sympathy/Movie

It ranked highly on several publications’ year-end lists of the best singles of 1991, and has since featured in many polls of the best songs of all time of both music critics and the public worldwide. The song later appeared on the soundtrack to the 1993 film Sliver.

Why did Massive Attack change their name to Massive?

From early to mid 1991, Massive Attack were forced to change their name to just “Massive” on the advice of their then manager Cameron McVey, who believed they would find it hard to get radio airtime, as the Gulf War was ongoing at the time and it was felt that the words “Massive Attack”, were too insensitive and …

What film is Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy?

Unfinished Sympathy/Movie

How did Massive Attack get their name?

The group temporarily shortened their name to “Massive” on the advice of McVey to avoid controversy relating to the Gulf War. They went back to being “Massive Attack” for their next single, “Safe from Harm”.

What style of music is Massive Attack?

Electronic dance music
Massive Attack/Genres

What is a Unfinished Symphony?

An unfinished symphony is a fragment of a symphony, by a particular composer, that musicians and academics consider incomplete or unfinished for various reasons. 8 (sometimes called Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony), written in 1822, six years before his death. It features two fully orchestrated movements.

What song does Massive Attack Angel sample from?

Angel is the opening track of Massive Attack’s third album Mezzanine. It samples “Lost Bongo in Belgium” by The Incredible Bongo Band. Originally, Angel was intended to be a very different sounding song, as it was to be a cover of “Straight To Hell” by The Clash that would have also have included a sample from an old Sex Gang Children record.

When did Massive Attack Angel come out?

Angel (Massive Attack song) ” Angel ” is a song by English trip hop group Massive Attack. It features lead vocals and songwriting from Horace Andy. It was released as the third single from their third studio album, Mezzanine (1998), on 13 July 1998. “Angel” peaked at number 30 on the UK Singles Chart .

How would you describe the Beat on Angel by the cure?

Amy Hanson of AllMusic describes the song as “While the beat here is slow, druggy, and deep, what ultimately drives Angel is the wall of guitars that are reminiscent of a very early Cure “. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Robert Del Naja – producer, arrangements, programming, keyboards, samples, art direction