Who did Dexter kill in season 1?

Who did Dexter kill in season 1?

Season 1

Name Sex Confirmed kills
Mike Donovan Male Corey Balanti Tyler Kale Joe Bigalow
Jamie Jaworski Male Jane Saunders
Matt Chambers Male Unnamed woman (paralyzed only) Unnamed firefighter Alexander Pryce
Jorge Castillo Male Unnamed boy Unnamed woman Unnamed grandmother Ernesto Rodriguez

Who was in the trunk in Dexter Season 1?

Summary. Oscar is first shown peering through a hole in the trunk of a broken down car. Oscar seemingly witnesses Dexter Morgan abduct Valerie and Jorge Castillo, and then move their bodies to his car after he kills them.

Who was the bayside killer in Dexter?

James Doakes – He was a Sergeant in the Miami Metro Homicide division. Doakes had a weird feeling that Dexter was hiding something and he began to follow him. When Doakes hid Dexter’s blood slides in his car, he unintentionally set himself up as the killer.

What happened to Quinn on Dexter?

Later, Debra discovers that Quinn was suspended by LaGuerta for investigating Dexter, and lied to her about taking vacation days. Stan Liddy kidnaps Dexter and tries to blackmail him, but is killed by Dexter.

Where does Dexter dump his bodies?

the Gulf Stream
Underwater Graveyard is a location, discovered in Season Two, in the Showtime series DEXTER. It was Dexter Morgan’s dumping spot for his victims until it was chanced upon by scuba divers. He then began to discard remains directly into the Gulf Stream, a powerful oceanic current.

Who plays Paul Bennett in Dexter?

Mark Pellegrino
Mark Pellegrino: Paul Bennett Photos (2)

Does Rita find out about Dexter?

This is not revealed on the show. The only two people who knew if Arthur had revealed Dexter’s true identity to Rita are Arthur and Rita. Arthur was killed by Dexter shortly after he’d killed Rita, and he tells Dexter nothing that indicates he’d told her about him (nor does he leave any messages behind indicating it).

Who found out about Dexter?

Evelyn Vogel was aware of Dexter’s urges to kill since he was ten-years-old, unlike most of the others who did not have prior knowledge. Dr. Vogel’s profession was the study of psychopaths and she had known for years that Dexter was a serial killer. In fact, she was proud of him.

Who kills Quinn in Dexter?

George Novikov
Quinn has currently killed only one person, George Novikov. Quinn’s hair styles differ from Season to Season, much like Debra Morgan’s and his weight has even changed. Season 4 saw him at his heaviest, while Season 3 and 5 through 8 see him as a more lean individual.

What happened to Dexter’s baby?

During the series finale, Harrison is abandoned by his father, entrusting Hannah to care for him. Since he doesn’t want to endanger Harrison or affect his life, Dexter fakes a suicide at sea and moves away.