Who developed eTOM?

Who developed eTOM?

The ITU-T M. 3050. x Recommendation sub-series is based on the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map® (eTOM) which has been developed by the TeleManagement Forum (TMF). The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency in the field of telecommunications.

What does eTOM stand for?

Share. The term eTOM stands for “enhanced Telecom Operation Map”. The TM Forum renamed it as “Business Process Framework” since 2013. TM Forum is a standard organization who maintains the Business Process Framework aka eTOM.

How many domains does eTOM have?

The Business Process Framework has five domains The Enterprise domain is not a member of any categories The Business Process Framework has seven vertical process groupings Two of the Business Process Framework main process categories are named 1) Strategy, Infrastructure & Product and 2) Operations.

What is eTOM ITIL?

Context eTOM is a prescriptive catalogue of Process Element categories and a total Enterprise process framework for the ICT industry. ITIL is a set of non-prescriptive guidelines for IT/ICT Service Management. eTOM focuses on service delivery to external customers.

How many levels are there in eTOM?

Hierarchy. eTOM comprises processes distributed across five levels—strategy, network operations, level-2, level-3, and level-4. These levels show the importance of each technique.

What is L2C in telecom?

End to end telecom operation consists of various stages namely. Concept to Market (C2M), Lead to Cash (L2C) and Trouble to. Resolve (T2R).

Why is eTOM?

The advantage of eTOM is that all users use a uniform and independent language. This simplifies the exchange between employees, teams, but also between different locations or even companies. The framework is used for: the exchange about processes.

What is BPF as specified by Tmforum eTOM?

What is the Business Process Framework? It is a hierarchical catalog of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business. At the conceptual level, the framework has three major areas, reflecting major focuses within typical enterprises: Strategy, Infrastructure and Product. Enterprise Management.

How is frameworx developed?

Frameworx is an enterprise architecture framework geared towards communications service providers. It is developed by the TM Forum.

What is lead cash process?

Lead to cash is the name given to an end-to-end, top-level business-process that begins with marketing and ends with revenue collection. Stages along the way include sales management, CPQ (configure, price and quote), customer service, project management, order management, and revenue management.

Which domain in eTOM business process framework is responsible for managing order handling?

Customer Management Domain. 1.3. 3 Order Handling. Business Process Framework Level 1 Overview – START HERE.

What is eTOM Sid and Tam?

Application Framework (sometimes referred to as the Telecom Application Map (TAM)) Business Process Framework (eTOM) Information Framework (sometimes referred to as the Shared Information/Data (SID) model) Integration Frameworks (which is developed in the TM Forum Integration Program (TIP))