Who builds the best log homes in Canada?

Who builds the best log homes in Canada?

Our History. True North Log Homes manufactures the best-engineered log homes in the world—homes of exceptional quality, beauty, and durability. Through our untiring dedication to excellence, we’ve brought True North to the forefront of log home technology and design—supported by 22 Canadian and US patents.

How much does it cost to build a log cabin in BC?

While all of our homes are custom — built to your needs, preferences and budget — we can still give you an idea of average costs. Our average log home’s cost between $350,000 to $400,000 from start to finish, as a turnkey package. That cost is right in line with a wide variety of traditional homes.

How much does it cost to build a cabin in BC?

12′ × 12 $13,878 16′ × 16′ $26,748 20′ × 20′ $38,350
12′ × 16′ $17,030 16′ × 20′ $30,745 20′ × 24′ $42,770
12′ × 20′ $21,743 16′ × 24′ $34,613 20′ × 28′ $47,775
12′ × 24′$24,895 16′ × 28′ $38,480 20′ × 32′ $52,650

Who is the owner of Pioneer Log Homes?

Bryan Reid Sr.
That’s how Bryan Reid Sr., owner of Pioneer Log Homes of BC and star of the HGTV show Timber Kings, reflects back on the summer of 2017, where he spent his time camping out on his property while the impending danger of wildfire surrounded him.

Are log homes warm?

Even though logs have their own form of insulation and are considered to be four times warmer than concrete blocks, six times warmer than brick and fifteen times warmer than stone, there is still need for a secondary heat source.

What happened timber Kings?

HGTV’s Timber Kings featuring the adventures and projects of Williams Lake’s own Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. will not be renewed for a fifth season. Pioneer’s founder Bryan Reid Sr. told the Tribune Tuesday the company learned about the show’s cancellation a few weeks ago.

How much does a True North log home cost?

True North originally targeted the western Canada marketplace for Chateau Qu’Appelle, but ironically, it’s buyers in eastern Canada who have been snapping it up. At a price range of $130,000 to $150,000, the home represents affordable luxury for a wide range of buyers.