Who authored on understanding the spiritual in art in 1912?

Who authored on understanding the spiritual in art in 1912?

Kandinsky, Wassily. Concerning The Spiritual in Art – and painting in particular 1912.

Who wrote Concerning the Spiritual in Art?

Wassily Kandinsky
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Spirituality In Art: Two Perspectives. In 1911, modernist painter Wassily Kandinsky published Concerning the Spiritual in Art, a treatise on the meaning of modern art and a challenge to his contemporaries to free their work from traditional bonds.

When did Kandinsky write Concerning the Spiritual in Art?

But perhaps the greatest meditation on how art serves the soul came more than a century earlier, in 1910, when legendary Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky (December 16, 1866–December 13, 1944) published Concerning the Spiritual in Art (free download | public library) — an exploration of the deepest and …

When was Concerning the Spiritual in Art published?

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Who is the famed American action painter whose painting No 5 1948 was sold for 140 million dollars?

5, 1948 is a painting by Jackson Pollock, an American painter known for his contributions to the abstract expressionist movement. It was sold in 22 May 2006 for $140 million, a new mark for highest ever price for a painting, not surpassed until April 2011.

What do u mean by spirituality?

Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.

What was the name of Kandinsky’s short book published in 1911?

A seminal text in the history of modern art, Vasily Kandinsky’s Über das Geistige in der Kunst was initially published in Munich in 1911. On the Spiritual in Art is the first complete English translation of Kandinsky’s text.

What does Kandinsky’s art mean?

Kandinsky viewed non-objective, abstract art as the ideal visual mode to express the “inner necessity” of the artist and to convey universal human emotions and ideas. He viewed himself as a prophet whose mission was to share this ideal with the world for the betterment of society.

Why did Kandinsky choose to paint abstract paintings?

Supposedly, Kandinsky took up abstract art because he spotted a picture in his studio during twilight. It was lying on its side and Kandinsky recognized just forms and colors that fascinated him. He came to the conclusion that representationalism only hurt his work.

Why is spiritual art created?

It is to make imagery of the different beliefs in the world and what it looks like. Most Christian groups use or have used art to some extent, although some have had strong objections to some forms of religious image, and there have been major periods of iconoclasm within Christianity.

How is spirituality connected to art?

Is there a special relationship between art and spirituality? The arts have always been integral to religion. Sacred pictures, sacred symbols, sacred dances, chants, hymns and tunes have been used in rituals, in places of worship, and as aids to prayer and meditation in every religion.

How much are original Jackson Pollock paintings worth?

Pollock’s current auction record is $58.4 million, set in 2013 for Number 19 (1948) at Christie’s New York. To date, more than eight Pollock works have sold for over $20 million apiece at auction, according to the Artnet Price Database.