Who are the Birpai people?

Who are the Birpai people?

The Birrbay people, also spelt Birpai, Biripi, Birippi and variant spellings, are an Aboriginal Australian people of New South Wales. They and share a dialect continuum with the Worimi people.

What was the Biripi word that the name Taree came from and what does it mean?

The name Taree is derived from “tareebit”, a Biripi word meaning tree by the river, or more specifically, the Sandpaper Fig (Ficus coronata).

What is the Biripi totem?

The Birpai people are the traditional custodians of our local country. Totems classify all things including plants, animals, birds and people. They provide a link between the natural world and kinship relationships with spiritual beliefs and personal responsibilities.

What is the Biripi name for the river?

Manning River (Biripi: Boolumbahtee), an open and trained mature wave dominated barrier estuary, is located in the Northern Tablelands and Mid North Coast districts of New South Wales, Australia.

How do you say hello in Gathang?

Gathang words: wiyabu: hello. minya nyura wubaliyn: g’day, how you going? gapu: goodbye.

What aboriginal tribe is Taree?

In the Great Lakes district there were two tribes – the Biripi, who inhabited the area between Tuncurry, Taree and Gloucester, and the Worimi, who occupied the land between Barrington Tops and Forster in the north and Maitland and the Hunter River in the south. The Worimi was divided into a number of nurras.

What Aboriginal land is Port Macquarie?

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council respects the First Peoples – the Birpai – who are the traditional custodians of the lands of the Hastings region. We also acknowledge and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who call our region home.

What Aboriginal country is Port Macquarie on?

What does murrumbidgee mean in Aboriginal?

big water
The word Murrumbidgee means “big water” in the Wiradjuri language, one of the local Australian Aboriginal languages. The river itself flows through several traditional Aboriginal Australian lands, home to various Aboriginal peoples.

What was the Wiradjuri tribe known for?

The Wiradjuri, together with the Gamilaraay (who however used them in bora ceremonies), were particularly known for their use of carved trees which functioned as taphoglyphs, marking the burial site of a notable medicine-man, ceremonial leader, warrior or orator of a tribe.

What do we know about the Birpai?

We also acknowledge and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who call our region home. Information on the Birpai peoples is fragmentary and at this point, there is no definitive work on their history or culture.

What is birbirpai yarns?

Birpai Yarns is a joint story telling project between schools and community. Sharing the history of our elders whilst practicing a variety of literacy skills. The documents below are an attempt to collect and present the available published literature on the Birpai people.

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