Which was the toughest JEE Main Paper 2020?

Which was the toughest JEE Main Paper 2020?

JEE Main 2020 Analysis – Paper 1: January 09 (Forenoon Shift) Physics was the toughest subject said by many students. The exam was of moderate difficulty. Mathematics had questions from the balanced topics.

Which is the toughest Jee advanced paper till date?

Long Answer : It is definitely the JEE 2016 paper which was the toughest as a whole. You can clearly see that from the marks scored by the top ranker: Aman Bansal scored 320 out of a total of 372 marks. That is (only) about 86%. In comparison, the highest score in 2019 (also out of 372) was 346.

Do questions repeat in IIT?

As JEE Main 2021 is going to be conducted four times, it is clear that questions that appeared in one phase will not be repeated in the other phase. However, there will be questions on a similar concept with a change in values.

Which is the toughest JEE paper?

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper Analysis By Akash Expert Maths was the toughest, followed by Chemistry and finally, Physics, as per Mr Sharma’s analysis.

Which was the easiest shift in JEE 2021?

JEE Main March 16 Shift 1 Paper Analysis 2021 Out of all 3 subjects, Physics was the toughest section, and Chemistry is the easiest. The mathematics section was lengthy compared to JEE Main February attempt, while Physics & Chemistry sections were at the same level. Most of the topics were from NCERT books.

What does 96 percentile mean in JEE mains?

For general category to get 96 percentile depends upon the difficulty level of paper,no of students scoring marks above you and many factors. You should score around 130 marks or 130+ to be on safe side to get this percentile. In ews quota with 96 percentile your rank would be around 13K.

How many times we can write JEE mains?

A candidate can give JEE Main exam six times over a period of three consecutive years. In a year, a candidate can appear for JEE Main twice in the months of January and April. If the candidate has passed 12th exam in 2019 then the candidate can appear in 2020 and 2021 JEE Main.

Why IIT JEE 2010 paper Analysis is important?

With IIT JEE 2010 paper analysis students will get a much clearer idea of how the question paper is set including the difficulty level, exam pattern, types of questions and the marking scheme. Our subject experts have prepared the analysis thoroughly to give detailed information to the JEE candidates.

What is the difficulty level of the JEE Mains 2010 paper?

The difficulty level of the two papers in IIT JEE 2010 was as follows; The difficulty level of this paper was moderately difficult with some questions requiring mathematical calculations which were really tedious. Was also on a moderate level paper with few difficult level questions.

How difficult are the integer type questions in the JEE Advanced?

The Integer type questions were difficult to crack in the given time frame. Major questions were framed from chapters such as Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry and Vectors. Candidates can check the year-wise analysis of JEE Advanced question paper for both paper 1 and paper 2 from the links given below.