Which university is best for M Phil chemistry in Pakistan?

Which university is best for M Phil chemistry in Pakistan?

Best Global Universities for Chemistry in Pakistan

  • Quaid I Azam University.
  • COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)
  • University of Peshawar.
  • National University of Sciences and Technology – Pakistan.
  • University of Karachi.
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
  • University of Punjab.
  • Government College University Faisalabad.

Is MPhil available in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, MPhil degree is offered by government as well as private sector universities in several fields of study. This is a 2 years full-time research based program that completes 18 years of education and leads to PhD. Students normally get admission in M.

How do you do MPhil in chemistry?

The minimum eligibility is that the candidate must obtain 55% of marks in their Master’s degree:

  1. Candidates who have completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry or Applied Chemistry from a recognised university are eligible for the MPhil Chemistry course.
  2. The aggregate score may vary from one college/university to another.

What is M Phil in Chemistry?

MPhil Chemistry (Master of Philosophy in Chemistry) is a postgraduate academic research programme of 2 years duration. Candidates from any stream like Humanities,Commerce, Science, Law, Teaching etc. In an MPhil Chemistry course, candidates need to study theory as well as practical subjects.

Which is better MPhil or PhD?

A. MPhil is ‘Master of Philosophy’ and PhD means ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. Both the degrees are based on research and course work but a PhD has a higher edge over MPhil. Through a PhD, a candidate can teach in universities and the education line as well.

Do you get paid in MPhil?

Non-NET MPhil students get Rs. 5000 per month and non-Net PhD students get around Rs. 8000 per month, according to the HRD ministry.

Who is eligible for MPhil?

A full time MPhil is a two year course research course that is pursued by the candidates after the completion of their post graduate degree. The basic eligibility criteria for full time Mphil course is that the candidates must secure at least 55% marks in the post graduation level from any recognised university.

How can I get admission in MPhil?

Admission to MPhil usually takes place through merit or after qualifying entrance exams and personal interview rounds. The top entrance examination for the MPhil Course includes JNUEE, GATE, MPhil Entrance Test (MET), UGC NET, and many more.

Is MPhil a Dr?

What can I become if I study chemistry?

What are the career opportunities in the field of chemistry?

  • 1.Research & Development.
  • Analytical Chemist.
  • Forensic Expert.
  • Cheminformatics Data Scientist.
  • Crystallographer.
  • Chemical Engineer.
  • Industrial Management.
  • Chemical Health & Safety Professional.