Which Is Better for Gaming HDMI or DVI?

Which Is Better for Gaming HDMI or DVI?

DMI vs. DVI – which one do you think is the best for gaming? Let us first begin with the basics. DVI is an acronym for Digital Visual Interface. It is basically a media display interface. It was designed to be an industry standard for the transfer of video content to the relevant display devices at high resolutions. The most common devices adopting this connection include PC monitors and projectors.

On the other hand, HDMI is an acronym for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Like DVI, it also connects devices to projectors or displaying high-resolution video contents. The technology used in both DVI and HDMI is the same. HDMI cables were first designed back in the year 2003 and have significantly revolved ever since. In general, it provides a universal connection which merges audio & visual channels to a single interface. Several electronic entities partnered in developing the cable. These companies include the following:

• Hitachi

• Matsushita

• Philips

• Silicon Image

• Sony

• Thomson

• Toshiba

When asked the better option between the two cables for gaming, individuals often have different opinions. A common answer different individual give is – it depends on how you intend to use them. In our discussion today, we are going to give a comprehensive answer to this question. So, follow read to end and see the difference.

So why are we considering HDMI vs. DVI but not a VGA port? Does it mean DVI and HDMI are the leading technologies in this regard? Well, if you currently own a semi-recent monitor, there is no way you can use VGA port. Why? Composite Video was not a real alternative for PC screens. It may have served you well with CRT TV and that was just it, nothing more nothing less. And what if your monitor is compatible with VGA? You do not even have to use it. Because it transmits a very analog signal. Again, this worked out perfectly with older monitors. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for current monitors. Evidently, it is not an option in this regard.

The Difference

In the preceding section, we asked a question – are DVI and HDMI the best technologies out there? You may be very wrong to think so. Have you tried DisplayPort? I hope am not confusing you further! I only mean the best choice is not made solely between DVI and HDMI, we also have to consider DisplayPort. I acknowledge the fact that it can be complicated to comprehend all these concepts because the ports, in many cases, are availed in mini and macro versions. You can easily understand the differences if we break the discussion further to individual cables. You will be able to understand them in details. So then let us see…


Often perceived as a digital replacement of VGA, DVI has been widely used lately. In fact, you can find its port in nearly all the latest desktop monitor. Besides, it is common to find them in Graphics cards. Generally, it contains a total of 24 pins and can be used for not only for digital but also for analog signals, having an all-out resolution of 2560×1600. The pin numbers often depend on the highest resolution supported by the device. Each of the pins has a connector that facilitates the largest resolution. This is among the most important factors you need to pay attention to when acquiring a cable. Always ensure the port contains sufficient pins for the cables to be plugged in.

But then DVI has some big issues also that you need to know. For instance, it is not compatible with HDCP. Do you know the implication of this condition? It is extremely difficult to play Blue-ray as well as high-definition files. In addition, DVI cannot output audio.

There are some digital converters that permit conversion of DVI to HDMI converter. Wait, does it mean has an edge against DVI? We will look at that in a short while. It is always advantageous to use DVI. For instance, the fact that it can be converted effectively to HDMI makes it very versatile. Besides, it can also be converted to VGA and vice-versatile. This means one can connect VGA monitor to another device which is only compatible with outputs DVI. Now let us turn to HDMI.


This is the best option for connections involving televisions and other devices. Compared to DVI, HMDI is easier to use. It does not matter whether the pins line-up or not. It works more like a USB, where you simply plug in and use. It has a huge potential when it comes to streaming not only video but also audio within one connection. What is more, HMDI is also compatible with HDCP encryption. It has become a standard digital cable.

So then which option is the best when it comes to gaming? Based on the features we have discussed so far. It is indisputable that HDMI is a better option. There cases when one has to convert DVI to HDMI, just as we earlier highlighted.

For all functions, HDMI is strongly recommended. It is a default link in nearly all devices and cancels the need for an audio cable. However, this does not mean if you are using DVI cable you now have to change. It perfectly works, fine. The signal difference is nearly imaginariness. So, continue using the cables you have. Look at the pots and optimize them. You only need to be careful with details relating to cables when acquiring a new device. But again, most devices came with compatible and appropriate cables.

When it comes to gaming, which one is the best between DVI and HDMI? Well, even though people have different perceptions, we have discussed in detail each of the two options. You only need to be vigilant when acquiring your devices. Look at the ports and see how to optimize them. Now the time has come for us to hear from you. Which cable is best for gaming? Drop your comments and we will respond to them where necessary.