Which FM radio station is best in India?

Which FM radio station is best in India?

Top India Radio Stations

  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.
  • Purani Jeans.
  • Hindi Retro Hits Radio.
  • Hungama – 90’s Super Hits.
  • Mirchi 90’s Radio – Filmy hits.
  • Vividh Bharti.
  • AIR Vividh Bharati.
  • Filmy Mirchi.

Which is the first radio station in India?

the Radio Club of Bombay
In June 1923 the Radio Club of Bombay made the first ever broadcast in the country. This was followed by the setting up of the Calcutta Radio Club five months later. The Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) came into being on July 23, 1927, only to face liquidation in less than three years.

Which is India’s first private FM radio station?

Radio City, Bangalore
In 2001, India’s first private FM station – Radio City, Bangalore – came on air, ending an era of state broadcasting that began in 1930. In the past decade, FM radio has enjoyed spectacular success: over 200 stations are now in operation, and the FM industry has seen spectacular growth in listenership and revenues.

What are the channels on FM?

List of channel numbers assigned to FM frequencies in North America

Frequency Channel Channel
87.9 MHz 200 226
88.1 MHz 201 227
88.3 MHz 202 228
88.5 MHz 203 229

How many radio stations are there in Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal Pradesh radio stations by location

Frequency (mediumwave and shortwave in kHz, FM in MHz) Name Notes
100.1 MHz All India Radio Hunli (AIR Hunli / Akashvani Hunli) Relay station.
666 kHz (DRM) 675 kHz 100.1 MHz 103.1 MHz All India Radio Itanagar (AIR Itanagar / Akashvani Itanagar)
90.8 MHz Radio City

What are the top 10 radio stations in India?

1 Radio City 2 FM Rainbow & Vividh Bharati 3 Gyanvani 4 Amrutavarshini 5 Radio Mirchi 6 Radio One 7 Radio Indigo 8 Big FM 9 Red FM 10 Fever FM

What are the radio stations in Bangalore?

This is a list of radio stations in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Radio City 91.1 FM – Kannada Radio Indigo 91.9 FM – English Big 92.7 FM – Hindi and Kannada (from 2017) Red FM 93.5 FM – Hindi (from Nov 2012) Radio One 94.3 FM – English Radio Mirchi Radio 95 – Hindi Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – Kannada Amrutavarshini 100.1 FM – Classical music

Which is the first private FM radio station in India?

Radio City Bangalore, which started on July 3, 2001, is India’s first private FM radio station. The second development phase of radio privatization was in 2005 (FM Phase II) with 338 FM slots up for auction. 245 frequencies were taken up in the auction and the government earned US$295 million in one-time entry fees.

What are the radio stations in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan Radio Afghanistan (Government Radio Station) AIR Afghanistan Arman FM – 98.1 FM Ariana FM (93.5 FM Kabul) Radio Jawanan (Youth FM 97.5 FM) (Website) Kabul Rock FM 108.0 Kabul Radio Killid (88.0 FM Kabul) (Website) Spogmai FM (102.2 FM Kabul) (Website)