Which county is Farmville VA in?

Which county is Farmville VA in?

Prince Edward
Located in the Heart of Virginia, the Farmville Area includes the Town of Farmville, the County of Cumberland, and the County of Prince Edward.

Is Farmville VA a good place to live?

I’ve lived at Farmville my entire life, and although there’s not really anything to do, It’s a pretty place and good place to live if you don’t care about what there is to do, There’s all your basic stores, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Dollar tree, There’s even a dance center! You can go bowling in your free time, too.

What cities are in Prince Edward County VA?

Hampden Sydney
Prince Edward County/Cities

What county is rice VA in?

Prince Edward County

What county is prospect VA?


What county is Nottoway VA in?

Nottoway County
Nottoway Court House/Counties

How big is Farmville VA?

7.82 mi²

What county is Prince George VA?

Prince George County
Prince George/Counties

What county is Dinwiddie Virginia in?

Dinwiddie County

What county is Powhatan VA in?

Powhatan County

What stores are in Farmville VA?

Tom’s Country Store.

  • Belk.
  • Dollar General.
  • Sheetz.
  • Sears.
  • Sears Hometown Stores.
  • Dollar Tree.
  • Millbrook Country Corner.
  • Stop In Food Stores.
  • Roses’ Stores Inc.
  • Where is Farmville VA located?

    Farmville is centrally located in Virginia, just … 65 miles west of Richmond 48 miles east of Lynchburg 70 miles south of Charlottesville

    What to do in Farmville VA?

    Playing basketball at the nearest basketball court with your family or friends is one of the things to do in Farmville Virginia. Playing a game of softball with your friends from work or even for your church is one of the things to do in Farmville VA. Having a cookout at the park is one of the things to do in Farmville Virginia.

    What is the area code for Farmville VA?

    Farmville, VA Area Codes are. 434. Farmville, VA is currently using one area code which is area code 434. In addition to Farmville, VA area code information read more about area code 434 details and Virginia area codes.