Which beach is better in Alibaug?

Which beach is better in Alibaug?

One of the best beaches in the Alibaug, Nagaon Beach is famous amongst tourists for its clean and uncluttered sands and surf. The clean sands and undeterred coastline as well as proximity to other beaches like Akshi make it a preferred choice of residence for most.

Is there a beach in Pune?

Amongst all the beaches around Pune, Alibaug Beach is the most prominent and nearest beach to Pune in the Konkan region. Time taken to reach Alibaug Beach from Pune: It is 145 km from Pune, which will take your about 2 hrs and 40 minutes to reach the beach.

How far is Pune from a beach?

Origin Pune, Maharashtra, India
Destination Konkan Beach, Maharashtra, India
Driving Distance 183 kms or 113.7 miles or 98.8 nautical miles
Driving Time 3 hours, 39 minutes

Is Alibag beach is open?

Entry to Alibag is open from all domestic states. However, a negative RT-PCR test report is required to enter the state borders. Wearing masks is compulsory for all in public areas. Adhering to social distancing is compulsory for all in public areas.

Is Alibaug beach clean?

Arguably, this is among the most pristine family beaches in Alibaug, It is clean and uncluttered with just the blue sea, surf, and the pristine white sand spanning your horizon. It is also near some other beaches like Akshi Beach. It is for this reason that there are many residents around this place.

Is Alibaug beach safe?

The Alibagh beach in January is an extremely safe beach i.e. very shallow and that is why it is a favourite for families with small kids. Recommended to visit the beach in the evening or in the morning when it is relatively less crowded.

Which is best beach near Pune?

Top Beaches Near Pune

  • Aksa Beach. Aksa Beach is very popular among tourist for its mesmerizing view of nature.
  • Alibaug Beach.
  • Aare Ware Beach.
  • Bhatye Beach.
  • Dapoli Beach.
  • Diveagar Beach.
  • Ganeshgule Beach.
  • Ganpatipule Beach.

Is diveagar beach open?

You can visit only during early hours that is between 6.00am till about 10.00am and in the evening between 6.00pm till sun set. Early mornings and evenings are pleasant to visit the beach.

Is alcohol cheap in Alibaug?

Buying it from Alibaug will be cheaper. However, if you fancy a cold beer, then better to get it from the local shop / restaurant.

Is Alibaug worth visiting?

excellent beach to visit. In Particular enjoy the Low tide and High tide impact where its amazing to see high tides with Water all around the Fort and with Low tides individuals can walk down to enjoy the pleasant trip to Fort. Amazing experience. i like the Alibag beach its beautiful and very clean.

Is Alibag Beach Safe?

What are the best places to visit near Alibaug?

Kihim beach, Alibaug beach, Kanakeshwar devasthan temple, Kanakeshwar forest, Kolaba Fort, Hanuman temple are among the popular spots here for the tourists to enjoy. Murud is also very nearby to Alibaug and Janjira fort is just 1-2 hours away from Alibaug.

Why Murud beach is the best beach in Alibaug?

A relaxing stretch of glittering white sand, Murud Beach is not as cluttered by tourist rush as are most popular beaches. A popular place to visit near Alibaug, it is known for the scenic views of the surrounding landscape and adventurous water sports.

What to do in Alibag Pune?

Take a walk in the natural paradise alongside the sandy beaches, enjoy eye soothing greenery, taste delicious local food and most important take pleasure of the twits of birds. At Tour My India, we give you an opportunity to enjoy each and every bit of what all Alibag has in its store by undertaking our Pune Alibag Weekend tour.

Which are the best beaches near Pune for water sports?

Nestled in between the hills of Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri, it is also called the ‘house of God’. The beach is serene and clean and makes for a perfect getaway from Pune. If you are looking for beaches near Pune with water sports, then this is one such place with a tranquil setting.