Where is the trochanteric fossa located?

Where is the trochanteric fossa located?

The deep depression posteriorly between the trochanter and head is the trochanteric fossa. On the posterior surface of the shaft, just distal to the head, is the lesser trochanter. The intertrochanteric line connects the two trochanters, but is especially defined along the posterior edge of the greater trochanter.

What bone has a trochanter?

A trochanter is a tubercle of the femur near its joint with the hip bone. In humans and most mammals, the trochanters serve as important muscle attachment sites.

Where is the greater trochanter bone?

The greater trochanter is situated on the proximal and lateral side of the femur, just distal to the hip joint and the neck of the femur. The tendons of the gluteus medius (GMed), gluteus minimus (GMin), gluteus maximus (GMax) and the tensor fascia lata (TFL) attach onto this bony outgrowth (apophysis).

What is the greater trochanter of the femur?

The greater trochanter of the femur is a large, irregular, quadrilateral eminence and a part of the skeletal system. It is directed lateral and medially and slightly posterior. Because the pelvic outlet in the female is larger than in the male, there is a greater distance between the greater trochanters in the female.

What is a fossa bone?

Fossa – A shallow depression in the bone surface. Here it may receive another articulating bone or act to support brain structures. Examples include trochlear fossa, posterior, middle, and anterior cranial fossa.

What does the term trochanter mean?

Definition of trochanter 1 : a rough prominence at the upper part of the femur of many vertebrates serving usually for the attachment of muscles. 2 : the second segment of an insect’s leg adjacent to the coxa.

What is the purpose of greater trochanter?

The greater trochanter gives attachment to a number of muscles (including the gluteus medius and minimus, piriformis, obturator internus and externus, and gemelli muscles), and the lesser trochanter receives the insertion of several muscles (including the psoas major and iliacus muscles).

What is the greater and lesser trochanter?

There are two trochanters: The greater trochanter is also called the major trochanter, the outer trochanter, and the lateral process of the femur. The lesser trochanter – A pyramidal prominence that projects from the proximal (near) and medial (inside) part of the shaft of the femur.