Where is the Lawbot factory?

Where is the Lawbot factory?

peninsula of Polar Place
Lawbot Headquarters (also known as Lawbot HQ or LBHQ) is home to the Lawbots. Located at the peninsula of Polar Place in The Brrrgh, it was released on April 5, 2006 for Test and April 25, 2006 to the public….

Lawbot Headquarters
Location: Polar Place, The Brrrgh
Cog information
Minimum cog level: 8
Maximum cog level: 10

Where is the Lawbot courthouse?

The Lawbot Courthouse is a Cog facility located in Lawbot Headquarters that is home to the Chief Justice. To get to the Lawbot Courthouse, Toons must enter the lobby room. Up to eight Toons can access the elevator leading to the Lawbot Courthouse and battle the Chief Justice inside.

How many floors are there in Lawbot office?

Office B. Office B is a medium length office that consists of four floors and a total of 32 Cogs. The elevator is located in the middle-left of the row of elevators within the lobby. It requires Toons to have at least 84 laff points to enter.

What do you get from Cashbot HQ?

The Cashbot cog suit is comprised of 12 pieces. Each piece will be given through the Donald’s Dreamland tasks. Completion of the suit will allow the toon to collect cogbucks and battle the Chief Financial Officer.

How many Cogbucks does each mint give?

A Coin Mint can award 356-544 Cogbucks, which helps with earning promotions on low-level Cashbot Cog Disguises.

How do you do Lawbot CJ?

In order to battle the C.J., Toons must earn parts for their Lawbot Cog Disguise by completing Professor Flake’s ToonTasks, which can be done after completing ToonTasks from Donald’s Dreamland.

How many stock options are in a front 3?

The Front Three has three floors, containing 24 Cogs in total and six Cog battles. It does not have a laff requirement. The Front Three awards 764 Stock Options, which is useful for earning promotions on low-level Bossbot Cog Disguises.

How much health does the CEO have?

The CEO’s green and slow blinking red areas of damage last 30 health points. Since those areas are usually 95/5% of their health, the CEO’s total health might be in the 600-500 area. The CEO is the only boss cog that players do not see at the beginning of the battle.

How many cogs does a CJ have?

There are a total of 56 cogs in a CJ, each ranging from level 8 to level 12. Half of the cogs will be faced by each group of toons on each side of the CJ.

How do I get tp access to Cashbot HQ?

To teleport to cog HQs, you need to reach level 13 in your suit. So, for example, to get teleport access to Sellbot HQ, you need to beat a VP as a level 12 Mr. Hollywood, and then progressing to level 13. At the end of the boss the NPC toon will tell you you earned teleport access to said HQ.

How many Cogbucks are in a bull?

Coin Mint

Level Cogbucks Cogbucks (with Invasion)
1 196 384
2 272 536
3 196 384
4 276 544

Where can I find Lawbots in Toronto?

Lawbots are generally spotted at Loopy Lane, Toontown Central, Maple Street, Daisy Gardens, or Polar Place, The Brrrgh. Locations with no Lawbots are excluded from the table. Lawbots are the only cogs to wear bow ties. The others wear regular ties. Lawbots are the only cogs without patterns on their suits.

How do I get to the lawbot courthouse?

The Lawbot Courthouse can be found on the left side of the Headquarters. Opposite to the Courthouse is the entrance to the District Attorney’s Lobby, in which there are no Cogs. The District Attorney’s Office is a Cog facility in which toons may choose to infiltrate.

What does a lawbot look like?

They wear blue suits with red bow ties, as well as the Lawbot symbol on their chest. All Lawbots have blue hands (with the exception of the Bloodsucker, Spin Doctor and Legal Eagle, who have white, green and dark blue hands, respectively).

Is there a Lawbot with a Downsizer?

Lawbots are the only cogs without patterns on their suits. The Legal Eagle is one of the two cogs that are based on animals; the other being the Loan Shark, which is a Cashbot. In one of the trailers for the game, it showed a Lawbot that resembled a Downsizer or Bean Counter, but this cog is not in the game.