Where is the cabin filter in a 2004 Hyundai Sonata?

Where is the cabin filter in a 2004 Hyundai Sonata?

Cabin air filter is located inside of car on the passenger side. Open the glove compartment and with a screwdriver detach damper rod from glove compartment. Remove the 2 stops from the glove compartment or you can simply push in on right and left side of the glove compartment to release this.

How many cabin filters does a Hyundai Sonata have?

There are two main air filters in your Hyundai Sonata.

Does Cabin Air Filter affect smell?

Another symptom of a bad or failing cabin air filter is an unusual odor coming from the vehicle’s interior vents. An excessively contaminated filter may produce a dusty, dirty, or musty smell. The smell may become more pronounced when the air is turned on, and may make the cabin uncomfortable for the passengers.

How many air filters are in a 2018 Hyundai Sonata?

There are two crucial air filters in your 2018 Hyundai Sonata.

What happens if you dont change cabin air filter?

If you don’t change your cabin air filter, the filter will become more clogged with dirt and debris and the efficiency of the filter and your car’s HVAC system will be compromised. The air volume into your passenger compartment will be continually reduced which will lead to the issue of foul odors inside your car.

Can you wash a cabin air filter?

Cabin air filters come in cloth, carbon and paper. Some cloth and carbon filters are reusable and can stand up to a wash. Using a hose on low pressure, direct water from clean side to dirty, sweeping top to bottom.

Do you offer genuine Hyundai Sonata cabin air filters?

We offer a full selection of genuine Hyundai Sonata Cabin Air Filters, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Interior Cabin Air Filter results by selecting the vehicle.

Why is there dust on the dash of my Hyundai Sonata?

The comfort features in the cabin of your Hyundai Sonata make any drive pleasant. When you a layer of dust on the dash, it isn’t just a sign that you need to get out the cleaner. Check your Hyundai Sonata cabin air filter, which gets clogged over time and starts letting contaminants through.

Should I get a carbon fan for my Hyundai Sonata se?

Take your pick from our unbeatable online selection. I like because fit exactly in my 2012 Hyundai Sonata SE and is a good price too. Carbon side goes toward the fan. All good, made the air in the cabin fresh again. Make sure you get the one with carbon, because it traps bad smells.

How do I install the cabin air filter?

Install cabin air filter housing cover and glove compartment back in place. Open glove compartment, remove tabs to release glove compartment and detach damper rod from glove compartment. Flip down glove compartment and remove filter housing cover.