Where is Spotlight on a Mac?

Where is Spotlight on a Mac?

You can use Spotlight search on your Mac by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of your screen or using a keyboard command. Once Spotlight search is open, enter a word or phrase into the search bar and search results will automatically populate.

Where is the Library folder on Mac?

How to Open the Library Folder on Your Mac

  1. Switch to the Finder.
  2. Press and hold down the Option key on the keyboard.
  3. From the Go menu, select Library, as shown below. The Library folder will open.

Can I delete the Library folder on my Mac?

This Library folder contains a lot of files you generally don’t need to see, but some of them take up a lot of space and can be deleted. You can delete this folder, but you should restart your Mac immediately after you do so, since some apps may think certain cache files are still present.

Where is the Library folder on Mac 2020?

Get the Library folder – Way 1 Click Go in a Menu Bar → select Go to Folder. Or use the Cmd+Shift+G key shortcut. Type ~/Library and click Go in a dialog window. The required Mac Library folder will be shown.

What is Spotlight on a MacBook Pro?

Spotlight can help you quickly find apps, documents, emails, and other items on your Mac. With Siri Suggestions, you can also get news, sports scores, weather conditions, stock prices, and more. Spotlight can even perform calculations and conversions for you.

How do I enable Spotlight on my Mac?

From the Finder, select the Apple Menu then choose “System Preferences…“. Select “Spotlight“, located in the top row. Check the items you wish to allow Spotlight to index. Uncheck the items you don’t want Spotlight to index.

How do you get to library on Mac?

From Finder or desktop, hold down Option as you select the Go menu. Choose Library. From the Home folder in Finder, choose View > Show View Options, and select Show Library Folder.

How do I find the user library on a Mac?

  1. Go to Finder > Go. Select Go to Folder (or use Shift+Command+G) Type this exactly: ~/Library. Your user library opens so you can inspect the contents.
  2. Go to Finder > Go. Press the Option Key. If you release the Option key, the Library option disappears from the menu. Select Library. Your user library opens.

Is it safe to delete library application support?

Absolutely not.Do you instead mean the After Effects file inside of the Application Support file? You likely have a lot of cache files in there, possibly from a different version of Ae. If that’s the case then clearing the cache in your current version of Ae wouldn’t get rid of cache files from a previous version.

Where is library preferences on Mac?

How do I navigate to the Preferences folder?

  1. Open the “Go to Folder” menu. Open the Finder. Go to the Menu Bar and open the “Go” menu. Select the entry: “Go to Folder…”
  2. Enter the path of the preferences folder. Copy the following path and paste it into the “Go to Folder” input field. ~/Library/Preferences.

How to turn off Spotlight search on MacBook Air?

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Spotlight. Click the Privacy tab. Drag the folder or disk that you want to index again to the list of locations that Spotlight is prevented from searching. Or click the add button (+) and select the folder or disk to add.

How do I rebuild the spotlight Index on my Mac?

How to rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac. If searching your Mac doesn’t return expected results, rebuilding the Spotlight index might help. Choose Apple menu () > System Preferences, then click Spotlight. Click the Privacy tab. Drag the folder or disk that you want to index again to the list of locations that Spotlight is prevented…

How do I remove a folder from the Spotlight menu?

From the same list of locations, select the folder or disk that you just added. Then click the Remove (–) button to remove it from the list. Quit System Preferences. Spotlight will reindex the contents of the folder or disk.

How do I Find My Library on my Mac?

For this, do the following: Open Finder. Click Go in a Menu bar. Hold the Option key to reveal the Library folder in the drop-down list. Select Library. If you use El Capitan or earlier versions of macOS, you can show the Library folder with Terminal: Launch Terminal from Spotlight or Launchpad.