Where is Pennington Field located?

Where is Pennington Field located?

Bedford, Texas
Pennington Field is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, two miles from the south entrance of DFW International Airport on Airport Freeway and Central Drive in Bedford, Texas. It was built as a multipurpose Stadium with two gymnasiums, one for gymnastics and the other for meetings.

Who is Pennington Field named after?

Fred Pennington
The football field behind the school was named for Fred Pennington after his death. In the fall of 1987, the current Pennington Field Stadium, owned and operated by the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD, was opened.

Who plays at Farrington Field in Fort Worth?

Farrington Field

Architect Preston M. Geren
General contractor General Construction Co., Fort Worth
Fort Worth public schools (1939-present) Fort Worth Braves (1967-1971) Texas Wesleyan University football (2017-present) Fort Worth Vaqueros FC (2018-present)

When was Pennington Field built?

Pennington Field/Opened

The stadium opened in 1987 as a state-of-the-art venue that would host not only American football games, but soccer matches and special events as well. Pennington Field is still well known in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as one of the most advanced and high-quality high school sports stadiums in the area.

When was Farrington Field built?

November 3, 1939
Farrington Field/Opened

How old is Farrington Field in Fort Worth?

82c. 1939
Farrington Field/Age
The 82-year-old Farrington Field, a centralized athletic complex owned by the Fort Worth school district, and Billingsley Field House will be considered by the State Board of Review for a spot on the National Register of Historic Places on Saturday.

Who plays at Pennington Field?

Pennington Field

Opened Fall 1987
Renovated Fall 2003
L.D. Bell Blue Raiders (1987-present) Trinity Trojans (1987-present) Lone Star Mustangs (2008-present)

Has Farrington Field been sold?

Fort Worth school officials have sold four properties — including a landmark former department store and community center, but not the iconic Farrington Field — for nearly $13 million. The buyer is Strongside Financial Management LLC of Dallas, according to school district documents.

How old is Farrington Field?