Where is King TV located?

Where is King TV located?

Seattle, Washington
Tegna Inc. KING-TV, virtual channel 5 (UHF digital channel 25), is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Seattle, Washington, United States and also serving Tacoma.

Who owns King TV Seattle?

KING 5 is owned and operated by TEGNA Inc., an innovative media company that serves the greater good of its communities.

How do I send a photo to KING 5 News?

Keep sending them to us in the following ways: – Email your photos to [email protected] – Use the hashtag #king5 on Instagram and Twitter. – Post your photos to our Facebook page.

Who owns KIRO news in Seattle?

Cox Media Group
KIRO-TV, virtual channel 7 (UHF digital channel 23), is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Seattle, Washington, United States, and also serving Tacoma….KIRO-TV.

Seattle–Tacoma, Washington United States
Owner Cox Media Group (KIRO-TV, Inc.)
Founded April 1955
First air date February 8, 1958

Who owns KOMO in Seattle?

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Who is the owner of tegna Inc?

In terms of audience reach, Tegna is the largest group owner of NBC-affiliated stations, ahead of Hearst Television and Sinclair Broadcast Group, and the fourth-largest group owner of ABC affiliates, behind Hearst, the E. W. Scripps Company, and Sinclair….Tegna Inc.

Type Public
Website tegna.com

How do I email KING 5 News?

Contact us in the form above or email us at [email protected] and share your thoughts!

How do I report news to Komo?

Contact KOMO News

  1. Main Phone: 206.404.4000.
  2. Main Fax: 206.706.2603.
  3. News Tipline: 877.397.5666.
  4. News Director: 206.404.4000.
  5. General Sales: 206.404.4446.
  6. General Manager: 206.404.4000.
  7. KOMO TV Newsroom: 206.404.4145.
  8. Problem Solvers Tip Line: 888.774.8477.

Is Seattle expensive to live in?

Seattle cost of living is 172.3

COST OF LIVING Seattle Washington
Overall 172.3 118.7
Grocery 108.7 101.1
Health 85.2 83.8
Housing 309 164.9

What does Kiro stand for?


Seattle–Tacoma, Washington United States
Former channel number(s) Analog: 7 (VHF, 1958–2009) Digital: 39 (UHF, 1999–2019)
Former affiliations Primary: UPN (March 1995–1997) Secondary: UPN (January–March 1995) DT2: getTV (until 2020)
Call sign meaning Derived from former sister station KIRO
Technical information