Where is High Trestle Trail Bridge in Iowa?

Where is High Trestle Trail Bridge in Iowa?

Lane, Madrid, IA
The closest parking lot to the High Trestle Trail Bridge is located at 2335 QF Lane, Madrid, IA 50156. The bridge is approximately 3/4 mile from the parking lot. Other trailhead locations are: In Madrid at the Johnson Family Trailhead along Highway 17.

Where is the bridge in the Iowa commercial?

Stretching over the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward, Iowa’s amazing High Trestle Trail Bridge is a tribute to our railroad and coal mining heritage. The bridge rises 13 stories above the Des Moines River Valley.

How many miles is the High Trestle Trail Bridge?

The shining star of Iowa’s trail system, the High Trestle Trail runs for 25 miles through five towns and four counties. The trail includes an iconic, 1/2-mile, 13-story high bridge across the Des Moines River valley, one of the largest trail bridges in the world.

How tall is the High Trestle Trail?

The High Trestle Trail features a one-half mile, 13-story high trail bridge that spans across the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward. High Trestle Trailheads: South access is at Hawkeye Park (West First St.) in Ankeny.

Is Boone County in Madrid?

Madrid /ˈmædrɪd/ is a city in Douglas Township, Boone County, Iowa, United States. The population was 2,802 at the time of the 2020 census. It is part of the Boone, Iowa Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is a part of the larger Ames-Boone, Iowa Combined Statistical Area.

Where is the blue bridge in Iowa?

High Trestle Trail Bridge – Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation. Northwest of Des Moines: the High Trestle Bridge spans the banks of the Des Moines River Valley and is located between the rural communities of Woodward and Madrid.

Who built the high trestle bridge?

A $1.75 million grant from Vision Iowa, a project of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, helped fund the construction of a new bridge superstructure designed by Shuck-Britson, Inc., and artwork by RDG Dahlquist Art Studio. The project was officially completed with the grand opening of the bridge in April 2011.

How did Madrid Iowa get its name?

Gaston later was responsible for giving Madrid its Spanish name. According to the 1914 History of Boone County, Gaston was named the executor of his mother-in-law’s estate. He argued with some of the family, and “out of resentment to them he changed the name [of Swede Point] to Madrid.

Where is Madrid IA located?

Community of Madrid

Where is the longest bridge in Iowa?

The Kate Shelley High Bridge, officially called the Boone Viaduct when it was completed in 1901, is one of the highest and longest double-track railroad bridges in the United States. It is located approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Boone, Iowa.

How many bridges are in Des Moines Iowa?

The city of Des Moines owns and maintains 52 bridges, five of which are structurally deficient. The other three, not on the most traveled list, include Fleur Drive Bridge over the Raccoon River, Southwest 9th Street over Middle South Creek and Walnut Street over the Des Moines River.

How old is Boone Iowa?

Boone, city, Boone county, central Iowa, U.S., just east of the Des Moines River, 15 miles (25 km) west of Ames. Founded in 1865, it was originally called Montana but was renamed (1871) to honour Captain Nathan Boone, son of frontiersman Daniel Boone.

How far is the High Trestle Trail from Madrid Iowa?

The Bridge. The High Trestle Trail Bridge is just 2.6 miles west of Madrid, and the trail goes under and through some unique old bridges and tunnels along the way. When you reach the bridge, take some time to enjoy panoramic views of the Des Moines River Valley.

Where is the High Trestle Trail Bridge located?

The High Trestle Trail is connected to hundreds of miles of trails throughout central Iowa. Click here for more information on other central Iowa trails. Location. The closest parking lot to the High Trestle Trail Bridge is located at 2335 QF Lane, Madrid, IA 50156.

Do you have to pay for the High Trestle Trail?

People enjoy cycling, walking and horseback riding on the trail. Within those 10 miles is the world famous High Trestle Trail Bridge. If you come out to see the bridge at night, make sure you bring a light with you for safety. There are no fees required to hike or ride on this beautiful trail.

When was the last part of the high trestle opened?

Construction began in the early 2000s, with 20 miles of trail open by 2008. The last part of the trail to open was the new High Trestle Trail Bridge, in 2011. The original deck was removed, but the original piers (called Iowa’s Stonehenge) remain over the river.