Where is Groot Begijnhof Leuven?

Where is Groot Begijnhof Leuven?

/  50.871000°N 4.696194°E  / 50.871000; 4.696194 The Groot Begijnhof of Leuven is a well preserved beguinage and completely restored historical quarter containing a dozen streets in the south of downtown Leuven.

What is the Grand Beguinage of Leuven?

The Grand Beguinage of Leuven was founded during the beginning of the 13th century (1232). There were about 100 beguinages in the Southern Low Countries, this beguinage was one of the oldest and one of the largest of all Flemish beguinages.

What happened to Leuven’s Beguines?

(Photo taken by Helga Gielen in the Faculty Club, 2015) But from 1700 onwards, the numbers of beguines declined. From 1800 on, the beguinage started to accommodate older woman, widows and orphan girls. In 1988 the last beguine of Leuven, Julia Wielandt, passed away.

What kind of church is Leuven Cathedral?

The church is an early Gothic basilica with Romanesque elements. As usual for mendicant orders or women’s congregations, it has no tower, only a flèche. Since 1998, this flèche has carried a small carillon, which plays a short melody every half an hour on 16 bells which had come from the carillon of the Leuven library tower.