Where is Estrella Damm brewed?

Where is Estrella Damm brewed?

Most world beer brands are actually brewed in the UK, but Estrella Damm stands out as each and every can, bottle and keg is brewed at origin, in Barcelona. The story began in 1876, when a young Alsatian couple called August and Melanie Damm ed their homeland to escape the Franco-Prussian war.

Where is Estrella Galicia brewed?

Estrella Galicia is a brand of pale lager beer, manufactured by the company Hijos de Rivera Brewery, and located in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. The Estrella Galicia brewery was founded in 1906 by José María Rivera Corral when he returned to Galicia after travels in Cuba and Mexico.

Where is Estrella brewed in UK?

Brewed in Barcelona, Estrella Damm will remain an authentic world beer import with Charles Wells continuing to manage all UK marketing. This includes TV and cinema advertising, key sponsorships and its established gastronomy presence through the National Restaurant and top 50 Gastro Pub Award schemes.

Who is Estrella owned by?

S.A. Damm

Type Sociedad Anónima
Headquarters Barcelona , Spain
Area served Nationwide
Key people Demetrio Carceller Coll, owner Demetrio Carceller Arce, President
Products Estrella Damm

Who brews Estrella in UK?

Products » Estrella » Estrella Damm « Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company.

Who distributes Estrella in the UK?

Greene King has secured the exclusive UK distribution rights for Spanish lager brand Estrella Galicia. The Suffolk-based brewer will supply the UK trade with the core brand and its 0.0% abv and gluten-free variants, plus 1906 Reserva Especial and 1906 Black Coupage.

Is Estrella Damm and Estrella Galicia?

Estrella Damm & Estrella Levante are both brewed by Damm Brewery whilst Estrella Galicia is brewed by a completely different company. Estrella is Spanish for star. Galicia is a great beer but not as widely available as the the other two..

Is Estrella Galicia brewed in the UK?

Greene King has secured the exclusive UK distribution rights for Spanish lager brand Estrella Galicia. Hijos de Rivera S.A.U, the largest independent brewery in Spain, brews Estrella Galicia in A Coruña. It has been in operation since 1906 and annual production now stands at 2.8 million hl.

What do they call beer in Spain?

In Spain it is very widespread to call it (colloquially) “birra” (from the Italian birra, itself from the German Bier). You can also hear “rubia” for a lager. “Cerveza rubia” is the complete name, though informally some people call it just “rubia”.

Who brews Estrella Damm?

S.A. Damm
Estrella Damm is a lager beer brewed in Barcelona, Spain. It has existed since 1876, when August Küntzmann Damm founded his brewery in Barcelona, and is the flagship beer of S.A. Damm, a prominent brewery in the city….Estrella Damm.

Manufacturer S.A. Damm
Style Pilsner Lager
Website www.estrelladamm.com

What is the difference between Estrella Damm and Galicia?

Estrella Galicia is the peasant, while Estrella Damm is the king. It is easy to confuse the two. This is because they stand next to each other in the Supermercado fridge.