Where does MapleStory take place?

Where does MapleStory take place?

The game takes place mainly in the ” Maple World “, where players must fight against monsters while completing quests. As in a typical online game, players can mold their characters to their liking by increasing their abilities and skills.

Is MapleStory free to play?

Platform(s) MapleStory is a free, two-dimensional, side-scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game developed by Wizet and distributed as several versions by various companies. The game takes place mainly in the “Maple World”, where players must fight against monsters while completing quests.

Can you have multiple characters in Maplestory?

MapleStory characters exist in worlds or servers. Players are able to create multiple characters in each world, though the characters in different worlds can not interact with each other. Each world is similar in content with each other. The worlds are divided into channels, among which characters are allowed to freely switch.

What are the different continents in Maplestory?

There are three main continents common to all versions in the MapleStory world: Maple Island, Victoria Island and Ossyria. Maple Island is where adventurers start off their characters. Victoria Island contains eight cities, and is where most classes begin.

What are the monsters in Maple World?

Monsters are the natural inhabitants of the Maple World. Players have to kill them to gain experience to level up, complete quests, collect items, or obtain mesos. Cash Shop is a store that allows users to buy items with cash.

What is the Phoenix Phantom ability?

Phantom (KR:팬텀) is one of the six heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is a world-renowned Thief. Using a Cane as a primary weapon and a Card as a secondary weapon, Phantom has the unique ability to copy skills from Explorers (excluding Zen) and monsters.