Where did The Whitlams get their name?

Where did The Whitlams get their name?

The band’s name was chosen out of admiration for former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and his wife Margaret. Over the following two years, The Whitlams performed over 300 shows across Australia and released a mini-album “Introducing The Whitlams” (1993) and their first full-length album “Undeniably The Whitlams” (1995).

Are The Whitlams still together?

Although The Whitlams have been performing and writing together for over 20 years now, after seeing them perform recently at their live show, it was evident that the years have had no negative effects on the band, as their performance was tight as ever.

Where are The Whitlams based?

Other than mainstay Freedman, the line-up has changed numerous times. Since 2001 he has been joined by Warwick Hornby on bass guitar, Jak Housden on guitar and Terepai Richmond on drums….

The Whitlams
Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Indie rock, jazz, piano rock, pop
Years active 1992–2011, 2013–present

Who’s the lead singer of The Whitlams?

Timothy James Freedman
Timothy James Freedman (25 November 1964) is an Australian musician, best known as the mainstay lead singer and keyboardist of the Australian band The Whitlams formed in 1993.

Where did Tim Freedman go to school?

The University of Sydney
Tim Freedman/Education

How old is Tim from the Whitlams?

57 years (November 25, 1964)
Tim Freedman/Age

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