Where did Moliere go to school?

Where did Molière go to school?

University of Orléans
Lycée Louis-le-Grand

Why did Molière go to jail?

In 1645 Molière was twice sent to prison for debts on the building and properties. The number of theatregoers in 17th-century Paris was small, and the city already had two established theatres, so that a continued existence must have seemed impossible to a young company.

What did Molière first study to become?

There he received a solid classical background, and he may have known some future freethinkers, such as the dramatist Cyrano de Bergerac (1619–1655). After finishing his secondary education, Molière studied law briefly and was allowed to practice in 1641.

How old is Agnes in School for Wives?

Agnes is eighteen years old when the action of the play begins. She has been Arnolphe’s ward for fourteen years and is completely unaware of his ridiculous plan. Before Arnolphe can tell her of his intentions, she falls in love with a young man named Horace.

Did Molière ever perform in a play he personally wrote?

The French dramatist Molière (1622-1673) wrote comedies that range from simple farces to sophisticated satires. The master of French comedy, he was both the product and the critic of the French classical period. Not only did the public attend his plays, but it also took sides for or against the playwright.

Is St Agnes all girls?

Agnes Academic High School is an all-girls, private, Roman Catholic high school in Queens, New York. It is located within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, and was established in 1908 by the Sisters of St.

How old is arnolphe?

The main character of the play, Arnolphe, 42 years old and unmarried, wants a young and innocent wife. In the young Agnès he sees his wife to be.

When was Molière born and died?

Molière, original name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (baptized January 15, 1622, Paris, France—died February 17, 1673, Paris), French actor and playwright, the greatest of all writers of French comedy.

What was a significant moment in Molière’s life?

This was a significant moment as theatre companies were not allowed to perform in Paris without permission. This would be the beginning of Molière’s theatre career in Paris and patronage by King Louis XIV. This patronage often saved Molière from harsh criticism of his life and work. It even extended to the King acting as godfather to his children.

What did Molière do for theatre?

Molière wrote comedies for the stage. He is the author of enduring plays such as Tartuffe and Le Misanthrope . Many of his plays contained scandalous material. They were met with public outcry and were suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church. What is Molière’s legacy? Molière created a new kind of comedy.

When was the Illustre Théâtre founded?

The Illustre Théâtre was a French theatre company set up by Molière on 30 June 1643, and shut down less than two years later on his imprisonment in August 1645. However, it is notable for its impact on the history of the French theatre.