Where did Mamie Thurman live?

Where did Mamie Thurman live?

Mamie was a housewife in Logan. She and her husband, Jack Thurman, had moved to Logan from their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1924. Jack and Mamie rented a small two-room apartment over a garage, located in the backyard of the Harry and Louise Robertson home.

How did Logan WV get its name?

It is named for Chief Logan, famous Native American chief of the Mingo tribe. Logan was one of fifty Virginia counties that became part of the new state of West Virginia in 1863, by an executive order of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, even though Logan Country had voted for secession in the April 4, 1861 …

What happened Mamie Thurman?

Death and trial According to medical authorities at the time, Mamie Thurman’s death resulted from her throat being slashed from ear to ear, after which she was shot twice in the left side of the head. The body was found in a patch of blackberries by a local boy, who then called the authorities.

What tribe was Chief Logan from?

the Mingo Indians
A band of frontiersmen led by Daniel Greathouse slaughtered a group of Indians, including the family of Logan. Logan was chief of the Mingo Indians, a multi-tribal confederation allied to the Six Nations. During the four years he’d lived in the area, he had consistently tried to maintain peace.

Who is the sheriff of Logan County WV?

Paul “P.D.” Clemens
Former West Virginia State Trooper and City of Logan Police Chief Paul “P.D.” Clemens was administered his oath of office for a four-year term as Logan County Sheriff on Friday, Dec. 18.

Where is Mamie White now?

Mamie White Mamie was one of several subjects of a piece done by Vice, “A Portrait of Coal Town on the Brink of Death.” According to Vice, Mamie still lives off of welfare and relishes in Jesco’s success as a mountain dancer and entertainer.

Who killed Chief Logan’s family?

Daniel Greathouse

Where is Chief Logan buried?

Chief Logan

Birth 1725 Pennsylvania, USA
Death 1780 (aged 54–55) USA
Burial Fort Hill Cemetery Auburn, Cayuga County, New York, USA
Plot Fort Alleghan sect
Memorial ID 10517186 · View Source

What county is Logan WV?

Logan County

Did Jesco White pass away?

Bandytown, W.Va — Fans mourn iconic West Virginia wild-man Jesco White, who died at his Boone County home after inhaling twin doses of lighter fluid and gas fumes Saturday. Fans received a ru…

What is Logan’s lament?

He took revenge for family members killed by Virginian Long knives in 1774 in what is known as the Yellow Creek Massacre. His actions against settlers on the frontier helped spark Dunmore’s War later that year. Logan became known for a speech, later known as Logan’s Lament, which he reportedly delivered after the war.