Where can I watch all seasons of Beyond Scared Straight?

Where can I watch all seasons of Beyond Scared Straight?

Watch Beyond Scared Straight Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Where can I watch Beyond Scared Straight Season 1?

Watch Beyond Scared Straight, Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is Scared Straight real?

It is fake, though it is in real prisons and it is with real prisoners. The prisoners who are chosen are not aggressive and act on a script, as do the kids who come in. It’s so fake that nothing would change if everything in the show was fake.

Do scared straight programs still exist?

Established in the 1970s, Scared Straight programs are used throughout the United States as a means of deterring juvenile crime. They usually entail visits by at-risk youth to adult prisons, where youth hear about the harsh reality of prison life from inmates. We are not affiliated with any scared straight programs.

Do kids on Beyond Scared Straight get paid?

As the Executive Producer of Beyond Scared Straight, I can tell you that the inmates do not get compensated. The diversion programs we featured on the show were established by those jails and prisons long before we arrived with our cameras. The inmates don’t receive special treatment from the prisons either.

What is Beyond Scared Straight?

Observing programs for troubled teens in which inmates reveal the realities of prison life in the hope of deterring them from a life of crime. Currently you are able to watch “Beyond Scared Straight” streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV or buy it as download on Amazon Video.

Is Beyond Scared Straight season 9 the last season?

Beyond Scared Straight, the Emmy-nominated series that profiles unique crime prevention programs aimed at deterring troubled teens from jail, returns for its ninth and final 11-episode season.

Who are the producers of Beyond Scared Straight?

Beyond Scared Straight is produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions for A&E Network. Executive Producers are Arnold Shapiro and Paul J. Coyne. Executive producer for A&E is Laura Fleury.