Where are the club seats at Lincoln Financial Field?

Where are the club seats at Lincoln Financial Field?

Features & Amenities The Club Level at Lincoln Financial Field is perfectly situated on the second tier of seating, hanging over the lower bowl. For football games, these seats offer some of the best unobstructed sitelines due to their elevation and proximity to the field.

What is club level at Lincoln Financial Field?

The Club Seats at the field are located above the 100s tier including seats C15-C27, C6-C35, hanging over the lower bowl. The Axalta Tunnel Club is located in front of sections 109-112 and provide premium amenities including complimentary buffet options and impeccable field views.

How much does a box cost at Lincoln Financial Field?

How much do Lincoln Financial Field suites cost? Philadelphia Eagles suites cost between $16,000-$35,000. Pricing will vary based on opponent, day of the week, and suite level/location. Temple football games will range from $1,000-$4,000.

What is SCA Premier Club at Lincoln Financial Field?

One of two premium clubs available at Lincoln Financial Field, the SCA Club Lounge is composed of the Tork Lounge and the SCA Club. The Tork Lounge overlooks Citizens Bank Park through 40′ windows, while the SCA Club provides easy access to the parking lot.

How are the seats numbered at Lincoln Financial Field?

The sections are numbered C15 through C27 on the west side of the stadium and C1 through C6, and C35 through C40 on the east side of the stadium. The rows for the club level seats at Lincoln Financial Field are numbered 1 through 19.

What do you get with club level seats at Lincoln Financial Field?

Club Level Seating

  • ​Premium, extra wide seats with additional leg room.
  • Access to recently renovated Tork and Hyundai Lounges.
  • Climate controlled club lounges, including upscale dining and beverage options.
  • Access to preferred parking.

How many suites are in Lincoln Financial Field?

Lincoln Financial Field

Owner City of Philadelphia
Operator Philadelphia Eagles
Executive suites 172
Capacity 69,796

What are good seats at Lincoln Financial Field?

As expected, sections near midfield receive the highest marks for great views. Specifically, we like rows 23 and higher in sections 101-103, 118-122 and 137-138. By having a little more elevation in the lower level, it’s easier to see over the players on the sideline.

Which side of Lincoln Financial Field is sunny?

Seat numbers run Right (low) to Left (high) from the perspective of a seated fan facing the field. Home side is considered the shady side. Away side is considered the sunny side.

What are the suites at CenturyLink Field?

Suites are on two levels at CenturyLink Field: Club Level and Luxury Suite Level. Club Level suites will put you closest to the action, with the Luxury Suite Level directly above them. Larger suite options for Seahawks games will be on the Luxury Suite Level but on average, suites at CenturyLink Field can accommodate 12-24 guests.

What is a club level at CenturyLink Field?

The Club level is considered the lowest level for suites. With a Seahawks suite you will receive exclusive access to VIP lounges and private entry into CenturyLink Field. A Seahawks Club suite will include 18 tickets and 3-6 VIP parking passes. Up to 6 additional suite tickets can be purchased for the suite.

What is the history of CenturyLink Field?

Lumen Field, originally CenturyLink Field, opened in 2002 and welcomes 69,000 fans for football games and 39,419 for soccer games. Because this stadium had to fit on a smaller piece of property than most, the seating was designed to give a better view even from the top.

What is the luxury suite level at Lumen field?

Located directly above the Club Suite Level is the Luxury Suite Level at Lumen Field (formerly CenturyLink Field). Suites on this level also will include a catering package in most cases. Guests will receive VIP parking and private entry into the stadium.