When was the helicopter shot down in Afghanistan?

When was the helicopter shot down in Afghanistan?

Aug. 6, 2011
—Aug. 6, 2011: A helicopter is shot down by an insurgent armed with a rocket-propelled grenade, killing 30 American troops and eight Afghans. —May 26, 2011: Nine NATO service members are killed, including seven U.S. troops who died when a bomb exploded in a field where they were patrolling on foot.

Did a helicopter get shot down today in Afghanistan?

At least three Afghan security personnel were killed when a military helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan, officials said Thursday, with the Taliban claiming to have shot down the aircraft. He said the helicopter was shot down when it was bombing insurgent positions. The defence ministry denied the claim.

Where did the military helicopter crash?

The U.S. Navy is looking for five crew members who were aboard an MH-60S helicopter when it crashed off the coast of San Diego during routine flight operations Tuesday afternoon. One additional crew member was rescued, transported ashore and is in stable condition, military officials said.

How many US troops died in Afghanistan helicopter crash?

At least four US troops were killed after the helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan. March 16: A Turkish Army Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Kabul, killing all twelve Turkish soldiers and two Afghan interpreters on board in addition to three civilians on the ground.

Did Taliban shoot down Afghan army Mi-17 helicopter?

The Taliban claimed they shot it down, mentioning a different model, a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, downed in the eastern Logar province. The US denied the Taliban’s claim. 15 October: An Afghan army Mi-17 crashed due to technical faults on the outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif. At least seven Afghan military personnel were killed in the crash.

Was a man hanging from a helicopter in Afghanistan?

A man is seen hanging from a helicopter over Kandahar, Afghanistan on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. (Video screenshot) Video emerged Monday showing a man hanging from a U.S.-supplied helicopter during what is being called an aerial “patrol” of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Was a US Apache helicopter shot down by the Taliban?

The Taliban claimed it was shot down with all its occupants killed. November 20: A US AH-64D Apache helicopter crashed in Logar province, Afghanistan with initial reports mentioning that the rotor of the helicopter clipped a mountain ridge, ruling out enemy fire. Both crew members died in the crash.