When was Edmentum founded?

When was Edmentum founded?


What is education for Plato?

Plato regards education as a means to achieve justice, both individual justice and social justice. From this Plato concludes that virtue can be obtained through three stages of development of knowledge: knowledge of one’s own job, self-knowledge, and knowledge of the Idea of the Good.

How do I recover my old Plato account?

How do I backup or recover my Plato account? You can backup or recover your Plato account using your email from the Profile tab > Gear Icon menu. How do I invite my friends to Plato? If you like our app, you can send your friends an invitation email via the “Invite Friends” function in the Friends section.

Which output devices did Donald Bitzer design for the Plato IV computer assisted instruction system at the University of Illinois?

Bitzer developed a graphical TV output, a keyboard input system, revolutionary for the time because computers still mostly operated on punch cards, and an interactive learning simulation.

Does Plato believe in God?

To Plato, God is transcendent-the highest and most perfect being-and one who uses eternal forms, or archetypes, to fashion a universe that is eternal and uncreated. The order and purpose he gives the universe is limited by the imperfections inherent in material.

What did Plato discover?

Plato is also considered the founder of Western political philosophy. His most famous contribution is the theory of Forms known by pure reason, in which Plato presents a solution to the problem of universals known as Platonism (also ambiguously called either Platonic realism or Platonic idealism).

Why is Plato’s Apology important?

It offers what many scholars believe is a fairly reliable account of what the Athenian philosopher Socrates (469 BCE – 399 BCE) said in court on the day that he was tried and condemned to death on charges of impiety and corrupting the youth.

Why is it called the apology?

Before it ever began. The first meaning of ‘apology’ was “something said or written in defense or justification of what appears to others to be wrong.” These dogs aren’t really sorry. Apology comes to English from the Greek roots of apo- (“away from, off”) and logia (from logos, meaning “speech”).

Which political ideology is Plato credited with?

Plato’s political philosophy has been the subject of much criticism. In Plato’s Republic, Socrates is highly critical of democracy and proposes an aristocracy ruled by philosopher-kings. Plato’s political philosophy has thus often been considered totalitarian by some.

Is Plato an Edmentum?

To help educators and administrators respond to the demands of this “21st century” classroom, PLATO Learning is evolving and bringing its online learning solutions to market under a new name: Edmentum™. …