When should you use antler rattling?

When should you use antler rattling?

The optimal time for using rattling as a deer call is at the end of pre-rut and up to the peak breeding period of the rut in your area. Once a mature whitetail pairs with a hot doe, he will stay with her for several days and deer calls like rattling will be unlikely to draw him away.

Does antler rattling work?

The meshing of antlers is, at times, almost delicate. Accordingly, early season rattling should be soft and sparse, “tickling” antlers together. Save the more aggressive rattling for peak rut when bucks are more serious about their rivalries. When two bucks square off, they do much more than just mesh antlers.

How long should a rattling sequence last?

It’s important to note rattling aggressively might spook younger, less mature, bucks that are concerned with getting whooped by a more mature deer. Try rattling for 30 seconds to a minute per sequence every hour during peak rut.

Should I grunt while rattling?

Rattle Near Does Bucks hang around those areas a lot, especially late in the pre-rut. When you rattle or grunt near does you increase the odds of a buck hearing your calls and coming in for a peek.

Does rattling scare off?

Sometime yes, sometimes no. I’ve rattled in plenty of deer but it’s also had zero effect on some deer and scared some others (probably including a number of them I never even saw). I do think you need to either be in a thick area or have a decoy if you are going to rattle.

Should you grunt while rattling?

Rattling and grunting can lure bucks from September through January. Still, hang in there and keep rattling and grunting until you strike a big deer pumped to respond. …

How often should you rattle during rut?

Try rattling for 30 seconds to a minute per sequence every hour during peak rut. Some hunters rattle from the ground in order to rustle leaves and create more commotion to make the sequence sound as real as possible. When deer truly fight, they thrash through brush, are vocal, and fill the woods with noise.

Does rattling work in the evening?

Rattling works great mornings, evenings or even mid-day.